Returning to the scene…

Simone and Mike at the Kovach/Aspen junction. Simone was on xc skis for the first time ever!

Do you ever look back and recall a day, an occasion, an experience, or a situation which was truly a life-changing event?

Ribbon creek parking lot

Ribbon creek parking lot

For me, the day is etched in my memory. It was 17 years ago, in Feb 1997, when I tried out cross-country skiing for the first time. I rented a pair of waxless skis at Kananaskis Village and on a day much like today where it was very cold but the snow and trail conditions were perfect, and the sun was shining, I skied on Kovach, Aspen and Terrace.

The view from Kovach Lookout

The view from Kovach Lookout

It was a joyful experience and I recall a lot of laughing, even when I fell on some of those small hills. At the time, I didn’t realize the significance of the event. (I would have taken some photos!!).

Excellent conditions on all the trails

Excellent conditions on Aspen and on all the trails

It was ironic that I ran into Mike and Simone on Kovach. Simone, from Regina, was on cross-country skis for the first time in her life. I was happy for Simone that conditions were excellent. It gets you off to a good start.

The air temperature at Ribbon creek parking lot at 2:30 pm was -15°C. The snow thermometer registered -12 but I think it was colder on some of the higher trails.

These trails are a lot of fun when conditions are so good

These trails are a lot of fun when conditions are so good

As I started up Terrace, a lot of skiers were coming back to the parking lot, probably the owners of some of the eight vehicles that were there.

I was very happy that I applied a fresh coat of green glide wax to my skis this morning. They were moving quite well on the cold snow. I had all the grip I needed with Swix VR30(-10 and colder). I didn’t have to do much herring-boning, even on the steep climb to the Lookout.

The cold weather has kept the trails in excellent condition. They were groomed on Monday, but it could have been yesterday.

If anyone skied the Birkie today, I’d be interested in hearing about the conditions.

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