Have you skied Lower lake?

by Bob Truman on March 24, 2014

in Kananaskis, PLPP(P Lougheed Park)

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– Excellent conditions and spectacular scenery on the Lower lake trail in PLPP. –

You’re missing out on an easy, scenic trail if you haven’t skied the 1.4K trail from Boulton creek down to the Lower Kananaskis lakein PLPP.

Having fun on Whiskey jack

Downhill fun on Whiskey jack

I hadn’t skied it yet this winter, so to complete the final piece of the puzzle, I started today’s ski by going down to the Lower lake. Now I’ve skied at least once on every trail in PLPP this winter. Some trails, like Whiskey jack, I’ve skied 11 times. Today I did it for the 12th time on perfect conditions. I’m so thankful that we still have this wonderful trail after the flooding damage last summer. In July, when I saw the huge cavern which ran down the middle of the trail for 250 metres, I honestly didn’t think we’d ever ski on it again.

Excellent conditions on Packers

Excellent conditions on Packers

The weather was beautiful with a bright sunny sky and -2°C at Boulton creek parking lot, and snow temp of -4. The VR45 which was on my skis from Saturday worked perfectly. The tracks, despite having a cm of new snow, were fast and in excellent shape. The snow has not deteriorated whatsoever. There were no icy or crusty spots anywhere.

Lower lake trail

Lower lake trail

I followed the Saturday night grooming in its entirety, going down Pocaterra and Packers. I skied a little ways past the Packers/Pocaterra junction and took a photo of Pocaterra. It has about 4 cm of new snow on the Friday night grooming. The ice flow on Packers is very small right now, almost insignificant, and presents no problems.

I took a photo of the tire tracks from the white pickup which Martin was talking about in his comment. Thankfully the idiot only went about 50 metres.

I’ve seen hundreds of snowshoe hare tracks this winter, but today I finally saw the “rabbit” himself on the Lower lake trail, but he better watch out because I also saw coyote tracks.

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1 Betty Pors March 26, 2014 at 4:20 pm

Thanks for the great photos you took of us coming down Whiskey Jack on March 24. The day was spectacular, sun was shining, skiing was super, and I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. A perfect day! When we got to the bottom of Whiskey Jack, even though we’ve never met you, both my husband and I had the same thought…”Was that Skier Bob?????” Sorry we didn’t stop and chat!
Keep up the great work!
Rick and Betty Pors

It was easy to have a permanent smile with the wonderful conditions. I can’t blame you for not stopping when you have a full head of steam going down that steep part. -Bob


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