Thanks for the tracks

Where would we be without the guys who spend hours on their snowmobiles and snowcats, grooming the trails for us, at ungodly hours, sometimes exposed to extreme cold? We’d be plowing through some pretty deep snow.

TracksIt never fails to get me excited when I arrive at a trailhead and see new tracks. We’re very fortunate to have tracksetters who take a lot of pride in their work and make the trails so enjoyable for us.  All skiers are thankful for the excellent work and all the up-to-the-minute reports which you’ve given us.

I’ve spent some time going through my photos and found pictures of most of the men who have worked on the trails this winter, although some of my photos are from previous winters.  I don’t have photos of everyone, so I hope that I can make this more complete. It would be nice to get some photos of the tracksetters who do the golf courses in Calgary and Okotoks, as well as the West Bragg trails.


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  1. Absolutely! Thanks so much to the tracksetters. Without them, I wouldn’t enjoy skiing so much, wouldn’t likely have been able to convince my Las Vegas-born-and-raised wife to join me, and wouldn’t have been able to instill such a love in all four of our kids for skiing and for our mountains in winter!

    The tracks transform what would otherwise be a hard-core endurance sport into something my five year old can do. Thank you all!

  2. Bob I cannot agree with you more about fresh tracks. To all the track setters, thank you for making long downhills faster. Also it great for seeing animal tracks. Without track setting, the cougar and wolf tracks would remain “dateless”. With track setting you know the tracks from just before Christmas were less than 10 hours old.

  3. Thank you to the grooming staff at the Canmore Nordic Center. High quality work.

  4. Yes, thanks very much to all the groomers! Those trails are a thing of beauty, and you can see the care and pride in the work they’ve done.


  5. Thanks Bob, for expressing on behalf of ALL of us, our gratitude for the excellent work these groomers do on those 380+40 kms. of trails. Seeing your pictures of all the skilled staff involved, I believe I am grossly behind in making cookies to show my personal appreciation of them. Not only do they work ungodly hours, but they expose themselves to the real dangerous animals behind all those paw prints we see. If I were able to come back in my next life as anyone else, I would want to be a Pisten Bully driver. In fact, to join one of the groomers on one of the machines sometime is on my Bucket List. Thank you Bob, for offering a special TAB for GROOMER REPORTS and to those who took the time to write in it. I believe we should declare each season, but in particular this season due to the aftermath of the flood, as The Year of the Groomers!!!! Merci beaucoup.

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