The Pisten-Bully rests

Today will be the last time this season to ski on new grooming in PLPP. Jody gave the snowcat a good workout for it’s final run of the winter. Elk pass, Blueberry, Hydroline, Tyrwhitt, Patterson and Upper Lake were all trackset last night. Jody has given further details on the Groomer’s Reports, and/or check the Live Grooming Report.

It will be at least seven months until it happens again, and I can’t wait!

The Banff trail report indicates that a number of trails in Lake Louise were trackset yesterday including MLR, Fairview and Great Divide.

I have my choice of 380K of trails within an hour's drive

I have my choice of 380K of trails within an hour’s drive

380K within 1 hour

While skiing the other day, I was using the calculator in my head to add up the total kilometres of groomed ski trails which I have within an hour’s drive of SkiHere’s world headquarters in Canmore. Post-flood, I can ski on 380K. That includes PLPP, Ribbon creek, Mt Shark, Canmore Nordic Centre, Banff National Park, Lake Louise, and West Bragg. Pre-flood would have been closer to 400K. If I add fifteen minutes to the drive, I can include Yoho with another 40K. How fantastic is that?!

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