Guess the trail 2014 edition

Every autumn while we’re waiting for the snow to fall, we play Guess the Trail. I’ve made it particularly difficult this year because you were guessing them too quickly last year. In addition, I will not be blogging for the next four days, so I wanted to make it last.

There are a few really easy ones, too, just to tease you into playing the game. I’m confident there will be a couple trails in here that you will never get, even though there’s a distinguishing feature in all of them.

Skier Bob has a special project he’s working on for the the remainder of this month. I’m hoping that when I return, there will be snow on the ground. It shouldn’t be too long ’til we see Moraine Lake road covered with snow.

Unlike this contest, which only gives you bragging rights, we’ll have a couple contests in November where you can win some fabulous prizes such as skis and hotel accommodations in Lake Louise.

Posted below are the photos which are all numbered, 1 -20, and they have all been posted on this blog in the past year. Click on the photos for a larger image. Good luck!!


1)Emerald Lake  2)Goat creek  3)Spray River east  4)Elk pass-Blueberry Hill jct  5)Redearth creek  6)Bill Milne  7)Pocaterra-Lynx jct  8)Watridge lake rd at Mt Shark  9)Tyrwhitt  10)Canmore Nordic Centre  11)Sundance Canyon  12)New Pocaterra  13)Hay Meadow  14)Great Divide  15)Elk pass  16)Emerald connector  17)Bankhead  18)Elk pass-Hydroline jct  19)Peyto trail at Lake Louise  20)New Pocaterra


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  1. #6 is Bill Milne

    • Congratulations! Indeed, it’s on the Bill Milne trail near the junction with Wedge Connector. It’s a paved trail, and I bet Risto knew this because he’s biked it. All 20 trails have been identified, and I’ve now posted the answers at the end of the blog post.

      I should be able to start some regular blogging by Friday.

  2. Time for some wild guesses:

    #6 Moose Loop – Bragg Creek
    #11 Lake O’Hara Road

    Do we get bonus points if we identify people in the pictures?

    How about a contest with pictures of ski racks?

  3. Not sure if anyone got #11 correct yet, but is it Cascade Fire Road (Valley)?

  4. Is #6 Crystal Line West

  5. Is # 6 Fairview and would #16 be the Emerald Lake Connector?

  6. Looks like all the easy ones have been guessed but I’ll try these:
    6: Skogan Pass
    11: Great Divide closer to the west end
    16: Chester Lake
    20: The new Pocaterra at about 4k?

  7. To Fill In A Few Blanks… or Errors!
    1) Emerald Lake
    3) Spray River (5 km from Banff)
    5) Redearth
    17) Bankhead
    Bob, you know how to get us excited, can’t wait to get back and ski!

    • Those are all correct! I gave Doug a correct answer for #5 when he referred to it as Shadow Lake trail, but your answer is more precise. I didn’t think anyone would get Bankhead so soon. Chuck, I’m looking forward to your trip reports this winter!!

  8. 19. This reminds me of Spruce road trail near William Watson Lodge

  9. #3 = Cascade Valley (formerly know as Cascade Fire Road)

  10. 1. Emerald Lake

  11. #1 = Emerald Lake ?

  12. Thanks Bob for this, enjoyed it last year too. I like taking wild guesses on the ones that sort of look familiar, sometimes I am right but most of the time I am embarrassed when I find out the correct answer.

    1. ?
    2. Goat Creek Trail
    3. ?
    4. Elk Pass Trail at the Blueberry Hill Jct.
    5. Shadow Lake Trail near the lodge
    6. ?
    7. Lynx Trail at the near Pocaterra Jct.
    8. Watridge Lake Trail at Mt Shark
    9. Tyrwhitt Trail
    10. Banff Trail at CNC near the mine scar
    11. Healy Creek or Sundance Trail
    12. Wheeler Trail
    13. Hay Meadow Trail – noticed the Wedge in the background, then realized I maybe in the picture.
    14. Great Divide Trail (old 1A) near Lake Louise – the Dog sleds gave it away
    15. Elk Pass Trail
    16. ?
    17. Canmore Nordic Centre – perhaps Meadowview Trail
    18. Elk Pass trail at the Hydroline Jct
    19. Peyto Trail near Lake Louise

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