Guess the trail – historical edition

I wasn’t as prolific a picture-taker 10 years ago as I am today, but I’ve managed to dig up a few photos from days-gone-by. There are some confusing indicators in a few of these photos, so look carefully.

  • I’d like to point out that Emerald Lake Lodge has announced they will once again be having a XC skier’s mid-week special this winter. Click their ad on the sidebar for details.


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  1. Some wild guesses:

    3 Pipestone Trails?
    4 Bragg Creek Trails?
    5 Tyrwhitt Trail

    • Yes, #5 is Tyrwhitt but it sure looks unusual in that photo. We were skiing on the first snowmobile packing of the season, so the snow wasn’t as deep as we’re accustomed to on that trail. #3 is a one-way trail in Banff National Park. Try to imagine what the sign in the distance might be indicating.

  2. Okay, so some of those are making me sad………. 🙁

    1. Kananaskis Lookout
    2. Emerald Lake

    7. Smith-Dorrien dare I say “orange” loop?

    6. I haven’t been there for ages, but this reminds me of a spot up along the top of the Smith-Dorrien system, not sure if yellow/green or red…….?

    My two cents for now……

    • You’re close enough to get a gold star on all of your answers. #1 is Kananaskis Fire Lookout in PLPP. I only knew #6 as Yellow, but there could have been a second colour in there as well. #7 would be the intersection of Yellow and Orange. I agree, it is sad that we no longer have groomed trails in the Smith-Dorrien system. Some people refer to them as the Chester-Sawmill trails.

      • Thank you 🙂
        I really miss skiing in the Smith-Dorrien. Those trails were so much fun!!
        We slogged around the old blue loop in May, in deep, heavy wet snow, and were very disappointed to see that the old colour signs had completely disappeared. 🙁

  3. In one of the historical photos, as well as in this year’s quiz, there is a telltale set of three avalanche chutes that looks like a bear was scratching at the mountain. -)

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