Where’s the snow?

We’re getting a little antsy around here. No skiable snow to speak of in Banff, Kananaskis, or Yoho. This is not unusual, of course, but we’re all eagerly anticipating that first ski trip to Elk pass, Redearth creek, and West Bragg(with our dogs)!

Excellent conditions last year(Nov 21, 2013) near Kananaskis Village

Excellent conditions last year(Nov 21, 2013) near Kananaskis Village

Even Lake Louise has the bare minimum. It’s common to have good trackset conditions by now on MLR, Great Divide, and Tramline.

Last year, we were skiing on fabulous trackset conditions on Nov 21 at Kananaskis village.

Nov 16, 2012 Elk Pass was in reasonably good early-season condition.

Nov 15, 2011 Elk pass had packed and skiable snow.

Sue, Catherine, and Ursula about 100 metres from the Elk Pass trailhead

We were skiing on trackset trails Nov 23, 2012 on Elk pass

Nov 20, 2010Elk Pass and Hydroline are trackset. A number of other trails in PLPP have been groomed including Pocaterra.”

Nov 18, 2009 “You can now ski an entire loop on trackset trails from Boulton Creek parking lot. Whiskey Jack, Tyrwhitt, Elk Pass or Hydroline, Fox Creek, Moraine.

The weather forecast is calling for a nice dump of snow starting on Tuesday for most of the mountain areas we are concerned with.

I didn’t ski today, so I’m grateful for the trip reports we’ve received from Tom Jones, Chuck and Gord.

Thanks for all the terrific comments in the Mountaineer Lodge contest. The winner’s name will be drawn shortly.

If you’re planning on skiing at Emerald Lake or Yoho this winter, how about giving the Kicking Horse Ski Club some much-needed financial support by buying a membership in the club? It’s only $40, and it will entitle you to stay at Emerald Lake Lodge for $109/night.

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