“Better than I have ever seen on Redearth creek”

-Warden’s cabin at the end of Redearth creek. Photo by Chuck O’Callaghan.-

I’m happy to say the number of trails which are trackset and in good condition is too long to list now. Check the Trail Reports, Live Grooming Reports, and Trip Reports.

Thanks to Chuck O’Callaghan for the photos and following report on Redearth creek:

“Unbelievable, that despite Bob pointing out that Redearth Creek had been trackset yesterday, we were the only people who went there today!

Waxing with VR40

Waxing with VR40. Photo by Chuck O’Callaghan

Thanks to the Banff tracksetter for not leaving a soft unpacked ridge between the tracks. It was Banff Bliss! The tracksetting goes as far as the 6 km campground, and then it is machine packed to the Redearth Warden Cabin. He also cut back some of the branches growing in from the side.

Ski conditions today were better than I have ever seen on Redearth Creek.” Chuck’s photos of Redearth creek

Redearth creek. Photo by Chuck O'Callaghan

Redearth creek is single trackset. Photo by Chuck O’Callaghan

Canmore Nordic Centre

A reminder, there are two events occurring at the Canmore Nordic Centre this weekend. There are plenty of trackset natural-snow trails at the nordic centre which will be available to recreational skiers. The main issue when an event is happening is a shortage of parking.

Goat creek with today's tracksetting should look similar to this

Goat creek with today’s tracksetting should look similar to this

Good news for Goat creekers

It would appear from Chris Thomas’ trip report that Goat creek has been re-done and the damage from the Fat Bikers has been mitigated.

I also received this email from James:

“I skied the Spray East side/Goat trail today from Banff and glad to report there is very little evidence on the ski trail of the “Three Fat Tire Guys”. Don, the Parks Canada tracksetter was out this morning and did a great job of the getting the trail back into great condition.”
That was a quick response from the Banff tracksetter, thanks Don!
Most viewed photo in past month

Biker on Elk pass last winter. Biking on the groomed ski trails is not allowed in PLPP

There’s a popular bike website PinkBike where a few comments were made in reference to our discussion about the Fat Bikers. Here’s one: “Biking on a groomed ski trail can’t be that much fun , can it (I don’t have a fattie)? Riding in the set tracks , and wrecking them, as at Goat Creek is pretty ignorant. Surely the snowshoe/all season trails as at West Bragg, where enough people use them to pack them for biking , are much more fun? I thought that was the whole idea?”

Tunnel Mountain2
Tracksetting the Tunnel Mountain Campground in Banff

Tracksetting the Tunnel Mountain Campground in Banff

Tunnel Mountain Campground Loops in Banff are open
Jo Lunn emailed the following info:

“Parks Canada has just opened up Tunnel Mountain Campground. Our loppet volunteer track setters have also set two additional loops (J and K in Village 1) up in the trees above the ‘grid’ of parallel streets. I skied up there two nights ago and they are lovely! Lights turn on at dusk. We’ll be out setting on the weekend again.” 

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