Kananaskis village trails

-Terrace trail near Kananaskis village.-

I skied the perimeter loop of the Kananaskis Village trails yesterday(Wed Dec 3) in the late afternoon. Air and snow temperature were -10°C.

Skier on Lower Kovach

Skier on Lower Kovach

From the village I skied north on Terrace, turned left onto lower Kovach, climbed the steep hill to the Lookout, descended quickly on Upper Kovach and had a very enjoyable ski through all those S-turns back to the village.

Chris Thomas gave a good description of the trail conditions on her trip report. “…excellent freshly groomed tracks this am on Terrace/Terrace Link/Aspen/Kovach – no need to bring the rock skis! Just one rough spot if coming down the steep hill at the N end of Aspen.”

Claude at Kananaskis Outfitters where you can rent skis

Claude at Kananaskis Outfitters where you can rent skis

I encountered about half-a-dozen areas where a bit of dirt was mixed in with the snow but these small spots were easy to avoid. The S-turns were still in great shape despite fairly heavy traffic. They tend to get scraped quite bare as they get plowed over.

What is here for novice skiers?

The S-turns on Kovach were still in good shape

The S-turns on Kovach were still in good shape

Terrace trail(going north from the village) has some small hills, but the trail is wide and with the good snow conditions, this could be considered a possible trail for novice skiers. If you need to rent skis, Kananaskis Outfitters at the village has a good selection of skis, boots, and poles to get you started. Terrace was the first trail I ever skied on, and it was on rented waxless skis and I had a great time. In fact, it hooked me for the rest of my life as you all know.

The GPS indicated a distance of 7.3K and a total ascent of 253 metres.

Jeff has also groomed the Skogan pass trails. Check the Live Grooming Report for more details.

Cascade Valley to be ready for skiing by Christmas

Update from John Rose at Parks Canada:

Contractor will be finishing up next Friday. Although they
have plowed the cascade trail/road to get their work done, they plan to
bring in a “snowcat” to blade the snow back onto the trail and pack it.
This will ensure the trail will be open for skiing before Christmas. Thank you and the skiing community for patience.

More photos from the Kananaskis Village Trails:

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