A magnificent setting for a race

The first race of the 2015 NorAm Westerns will occur tomorrow, Thursday January 15th on the proposed course for the Ski Tour Canada 2016 in Lake Louise in Banff National Park.

A section of the race course above the parking lots

A section of the race course above the parking lots

I checked out some of the race course today, and in the process I ran into Ribbon creek tracksetter Jeff as he was grooming on Fairview, and Chateau tracksetter Jeff Douglas who was grooming on the lake.

Over 120 racers will test themselves against their peers on the 10K course which includes parts of the Telemark trail(near the Chateau), Tramline, Moraine Lake Road, and Fairview. The race starts at 10 a.m.

If all goes well, next year the best skiers in the world will be here to compete in Ski Tour Canada. Read more Ski Tour Canada 2016 Overview

It’s cold here at -12 and there’s no sign of that warm spell which is approaching Calgary. The warmest day in the forecast is Sunday at -5. That’s Lake Louise to Banff loppet day and at the race start at 9 a.m. it will likely be closer to the forecast low of -13.


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