A faint glimmer of hope

Update Sat Feb 14 @8:45 am: Last night, grooming occurred on the man-made snow at the Canmore Nordic Centre. Also on PLPP trails

Meadow, Woolley, Wheeler, Braille, Lodgepole, and Spruce road. Take note of these comments on the Live Grooming Report: Feb 14th: More rain fell overnight throughout the PLPP Trail system, and at 7AM the temperature was zero all the way along the Kananaskis Lakes Trail. The trails groomed on Feb 14th contain many thin spots and icy sections- Wheeler and Spruce Rd in particular have large sections of sheer ice and were not fully track set. USE CAUTION. Lodgepole was groomed and track set from Elkwood to the Canyon Rd Crossing with the remainder done on Feb 4th.”

It started snowing lightly in Canmore at 8:30 am. I read on Twitter the start of the Birkie was delayed by one hour due to heavy snowfall. 


Are the stores sold out of waxless skis yet?

The forecast is calling for colder temperatures but they won’t be of much benefit if we don’t get some new snow. With the warm weather, at least we’ve been able to ski on the wet snow. If the present situation turns cold without new snow, everything will be a skating rink.

The Canmore Nordic Centre’s man-made snow trails will be skiable although it might be Margarita snow.

The above forecast is calling for 5 cm in PLPP. The weather network is also predicting 5 cm for Lake Louise with much colder temperatures; -22 on Monday night and a high of -10 on Tuesday.

Check the Live Grooming Reports in the morning to see what transpired overnight.

The Banff trail report lists every ski trail as icy with the exception of Redearth Creek which is “Lower section poor – icy. Upper section good.”

The Birkie website reports the following:

RAIN ENDING FRIDAY EVENING..  CHANGING TO SNOW EARLY SATURDAY. Suppertime rain has a sharp upstream boundary and should end over Birkie land by 11 pm.

I expect tracksetter Jeff will be grooming the Birkie trails early in the morning.

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