Lake Louise Loppet snow and trail report

Lake Louise

Lake Louise

This comes from Alasdair Fergusson:

Feb 25, 2015

IMG_2516Here is your final snow and trail report before we head to Louise with all our equipment and supplies for the Loppet

We finished widening and leveling the Lr. Telemark yesterday (Wed) So it is ready for our double tracksetting on Saturday ready for Sunday’s Loppet

And I did some more “gardening” – essential tree pruning of intruding or low branches along the trails.

Then we inspected the lake and did some packing.

The long weekend snowshoeing has been preserved with few bad footprints and the succession of very cold nights has frozen up the Lake nicely.

Skiers at the Lake Louise Loppet

Skiers at the Lake Louise Loppet

The problem is the Chateau packed trails – I must get photos.

There are 2 parallel “icy roadways” along the west side of the Lake with very rough frozen footprints.

Not as spectacular but more important for the Loppet are the hard packed and icy trails across the lake from Boathouse to the Horse Trail ramp and the cut off to Prince Philip’s Rock

There is abundant space of hard packed snow some 15 cm deep on top of lake ice.
So we will be able to pack & level and then set tracks late Saturday for the Loppet after the millions of pedestrians have left.

Lake Louise LoppetThe stair treads did a great job of leveling the snow and infilling the footprints so we will be easily able to set tracks on the 1, 2 k loops and the start, finish and pack the area for Unofficial results post race refreshments

The major problem that requires some pick & shovel renovation is at Prince Philip’s Rock where kids have created a wonderful icy slide – but a danger to pedestrians and impossible to use our equip. to renovate and set track for skiers.
We may be able to get the Chateau bobcat to dump some snow that our volunteers can shovel on to the icy ramp while it is building our trail from Prince Philip’s Rock to the trail to Middle Parking Lot.

The other 2 ramps are not as bad and we can probably solve with pick & shovel & rake.

Sunday’s temperature is forecast for -4 and sunny after Saturday overnight -16.

– Simply another wonderful day skiing in Paradise at Lake Louise – the Snow-Belt of Alberta!


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