One killed in Black Prince avalanche

“A man in his 30’s was killed as a result of trauma that happened going through the trees. He was pronounced dead at the scene.”

Read more from Global: One person dead, others injured from avalanche in Kananaskis

(updated with photo)The Bow Valley Crag and Canyon reports that it was a Canmore man who was killed. Read more Canmore man killed in K-Country avalanche

Special avalanche warning was issued Friday for many of the mountain parks, including Kananaskis, Banff, Yoho, Kootenay and Jasper.

If any readers were participating in the Birkie today, I’d be interested in hearing about conditions. I understand it was delayed by an hour due to heavy snowfall.

Sat Feb 14 was a sunny day at Emerald Lake

Sat Feb 14 was a sunny day at Emerald Lake. Photo provided by Kicking Horse Ski Club

Guest bloggers wanted

With the poor conditions, I am not skiing as much these days which means I don’t have blog updates every day. I’m amazed that I’ve actually logged 920K so far this winter. If you have something you’d like to say to this blog’s thousands of cross-country skiers, send it to me in an email and I’ll post it as a “guest blog post.” It doesn’t have to be about a ski trip in particular. For example, Ray Perrott’s recent graph How steep is that trail, anyway was extremely interesting and useful to this blog’s readers. Ray suggested the title for that post, too.

I’d also like to start a feature entitled “Meet the Skiers.” Send a photo of yourself and a profile, up to 500 words, about your cross-country skiing history. How you got started, where you’ve lived and skied, and the kind of music you listen to! (or anything else you’d like to share such as major accomplishments, milestones, etc).

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  1. RCMP have identified the victim of Saturday’s avalanche as Benjamin Thackeray. He worked ski patrol at Nakiska and operated a rafting company.

    Updated story:

  2. Freaky. My wife and I were at Black Prince and turned back early due to the ski conditions. Tragic. The season has been remarkably casualty free so far.

  3. We spent the day in and around the Burstall trailhead running a Scout outing. Part of the day included me digging a snow pit and doing an analysis of the snow pack for the education of the Scouts. It was abundantly clear that travel in avalanche terrain was simply out of the question today. A predictably tragic outcome. We passed the emergency vehicles on the Spray road as we exited North to Canmore and did not know at the time, its destination.

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