Enjoyable skiing today at CNC

-On Banff trail loop, Karen and her niece Chloe, along with twin girls Emily and Leanne-

I met Mike at the end of Banff trail as he was coming to the end of Bow trail. “Surprisingly good conditions on Bow, but it’s all relative.” What he was saying is that for this winter, the conditions were good. If it was any normal winter, it would likely be considered fair.

As aleways, the man-made snow on Banff trail is excellent

As always, the man-made snow on Banff trail is excellent

There’s probably no need to report that the trails on man-made snow are excellent, but I was pleasantly surprised with the natural snow trails today at the Canmore Nordic Centre. I talked to four other skiers who were all expressing mild surprise at how nice the skiing was.

Mike was smiling about the conditions on Bow trail

Mike was smiling about the conditions on Bow trail

I took Banff trail to the end without so much as a scratch on my ski. The trackset is non-existent on a good portion of the trail, but if you’re willing to ski in the middle, no problem. Skaters would like the conditions.

Natural snow conditions were mostly like this on Banff trail

Natural snow conditions on Banff trail. The tracks occasionally disappeared.

It’s amazing what the trail crews can do with 3-4 cm of new snow. I returned on Meadowview and was getting happier by the kilometre. There are occasional icy spots, but again, just step into the middle and you’ll have grip. As Robin mentioned in a trip report, “lots of work has been done on the upper natural snow trails by Paul and crew.”

Good conditions on Meadowview

Good conditions on Meadowview

Skiers who had been over Bow said it was pretty good with one bare spot for about 30 metres. Mike said he managed to skate around it without removing his skis.

The biggest surprise of the day was my wax. I put on one layer of VR50(0/-4) over yesterday’s VR30, and had good grip all day, without rewaxing!

Aidan Millar will be competing in the IBU Cup Biathlon 10K sprint on Friday

Aidan Millar, considered Canada’s top junior biathlete, will be competing in the IBU Cup Biathlon 10K sprint on Friday

The IBU Cup Biathlon event is happening this week at the nordic centre, but it’s not interfering with recreational skiers. I met a very pleasant young man who will be competing for Canada, Aidan Millar. Aidan is racing on Friday at 1:30 in the 10K sprint. They ski three laps of 3.3K, and shoot once while prone, and once while standing. Good luck!

Need some practice?

Need some practice?

With conditions being so poor this winter, it’s been difficult for beginner skiers to find a place to practice. Let me remind you the nordic centre has a nine-lane practice grid right in front of the daylodge.

This next item will also be of interest to novices, beginners and all skiers who will appreciate a rest stop away from the elements…

…A warming hut has been approved for the Mine Meadow area at the Canmore Nordic Centre. We can expect to see it in place by next winter.

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