Kananaskis Village and Ribbon Creek grooming

Update Mar 13, 2015: I received this further explanation from K-Contry… “The cat was off for repairs when we got that 20 cm dump at the end of Feb. KC had groomers from CNC and PLPP ready to pinch hit for Jeff on an as needed basis.”

We’ve had a few inquiries about the lack of grooming at Kananaskis Village and Ribbon Creek, and I was wondering about it myself. I just received this email from tracksetter Jeff with an explanation:


Tracksetter Jeff

“I hope all is well in Alberta. I have been in the Trent Hills of Ontario for the last few weeks, my dad took seriously ill and a week ago today he passed away at the wonderful age of 90. My father was a very avid outdoorsman and he has instilled the love of nature in me so much that I chose to make my living in the outdoors.

Grooming with a "Shovel with wood"  must be quite a change from driving a snowcat

Using a “Shovel with wood” must be quite a change from grooming with the snowcat

When I first came here I said to him I should make a ski trail around the farm, he asked me to take pictures of the finished trail to show him in the hospital. He passed away very suddenly and I never got the chance to finish the trail. Using only snowshoes , a toboggan shovel and a pair of his 1970’s wooden skis I have been trying to get something that resembles a trail. The snow here is over 2 feet deep and it takes a lot of sweat equity to make a trail using only human power, but it is very rewarding and healing.

Attached are a few photos of the trail, I would appreciate it if you could post a couple in memory of my dad as he loved to get outside and enjoy our natural world.”

I guess K-Country will be able to sell the Pisten-Bully if Jeff can trackset this well without a snowcat.

Update: I’ve added two new photos. Jeff says, “Eric’s trail is now trackset and conditions are pretty good.”


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  1. Hi All, I just wanted to offer my sincere thank you for all the comments and for Bob allowing me to put this on his website. As much as we all differ and come from different backgrounds there is a common love for getting out and exploring our surroundings no matter what the season.
    Helen I’m sorry I didn’t bring the snow back with me but look on the bright side once the first crocus is up hiking season is just around the corner..and in 8 months we get another chance at a better winter.

  2. Such an inspiring story! Your father lived a long life and if your passion has descended from him, I am sure he extracted every once of adventure during the time he was here. I don’t even know you Jeff and I feel proud to have read, so I’m sure your father must have passed with a smile.
    Cheers to your father!

  3. My thoughts are with you Jeff, so sorry to hear about your father. I am sure he is very proud of the new trail and it will be a family legacy for you and bring happiness and good memories each time you either visit it or think about it. Take care of yourself.

  4. Tracksetter Jeff, your labour of love in creating Eric’s Trail in memory of your father brought tears to my eyes. That generation taught us so much about a strong work ethic, eating healthy foods, being resilient to downturns in the economy, and appreciating what they had: eg. for 40 + years such a pair of skis and poles! The first and last pictures make us all drool in AB for such beautiful snow conditions. Perhaps there is a place on this website or your computer/phone to save one as a screensaver. We appreciate your sharing the ultimate loss of a parent whose life was so well lived.

  5. My condolences Jeff for the loss of your dad. My dad also passed away suddenly and i’ll always be thankful to him for raising me to love nature and the outdoors. I hope to work with you (and learn from you!) again on the trails this summer.

  6. My sympathies Jeff for the loss of your father.
    The trail is a beautiful way for you to remember and celebrate his life.

  7. My sympathies, Jeff. Even if one knows it’s coming, it is still like a huge part of one’s heart has been ripped out.

  8. My condolences Jeff.
    Your father would have loved the old fashioned ski trail.
    I’m sure that he was very proud of your decision to live the outdoors life.

    • Thank you Jeff for sharing the story. I am glad you had an outdoor labour of love to help you through a very difficult time.

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