Sunday morning update

Cascade Fire Road

Cascade Valley(file photo)

If you’re not heading to Lake Louise for the loppet, there are some great choices for skiing today. If any readers participate in the loppet, I’d be interested in hearing about the conditions.

I seldom ever check the Banff trail report anymore, but I took a look this morning and lo and behold, it indicates that Cascade Valley was trackset yesterday.

From all reports, it sounds like we have some of the best skiing conditions of the past 30 days in Kananaskis. I noticed that Pocaterra from the hut to Lynx was even groomed on Friday night. From Nancy’s report, Mount Shark must be the best it’s been all winter.

Nice to hear remarks like the following from yesterday’s trip reports…

“Mount Shark yesterday was magnificent.” -Nancy

“I believe my best ski conditions of the winter were in PLPP today!” -Keith Bagnall

“a perfect ski at PLPP” -Sam.

It’s -15°C in PLPP this morning at 8:30 a.m. with a forecast high of -4. All forecasts are predicting snow on Monday.

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  1. LL Loppet: Fast & partly icy conditions on a beautiful Sunday. Most any blue wax worked, provided you used base binder. Cold glide wax was essential. With only snowmobile, not Pisten Bully grooming, most tracks were quite shallow, so it wasn’t easy to get good kick. Double poling was called for over long distances. I skied the relatively safe as far as icy conditions go 10k. 22k racers reported tricky ice at the crossover point behind the chateau. Former Nat’l team member Robin McKeever (40-49) and Fraser Miles-Connery (20-29) appeared to purposely cross the 22 k finish line together at 1:04:30 and 1:04:31, respectively. Oldest skier Olwyn (87) planned ahead to request bib # 87, and crossed the 10k finish line in 2:56:29 to the rousing cheers of all spectators. A fine day was capped with age group medals and plentiful draw prizes.

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