Three sisters creek – after the flood

-Past the waterfall on Three Sisters Creek at 2.5K, the creek bed is strewn with rocks and uprooted trees. The former trail has been destroyed.-

Three years ago, before the 2013 floods, I had a wonderful hike up Three Sisters Creek and posted the report here. Things have changed, and I can no longer recommend going past the waterfall at 1.8K.

The waterfall on Three Sisters Creek

The waterfall on Three Sisters Creek.

Tessa and I did the hike on Wednesday(May 20), and I am sad to say it’s probably the last time we’ll ever go beyond the waterfall.

It’s still a nice hike to the waterfall, despite the excavation which has completely changed the landscape bordering Three Sisters Creek. As before the floods, it’s quite a challenge to get past the waterfall, but now it’s hardly worth it. The old trail has been destroyed and the creek bed is strewn with boulders and deadfall and is not what I’d describe as pleasant hiking. An obstacle course would be accurate.

Ship's Prow drainage

Ship’s Prow drainage

I was expecting to see some changes, but the destruction was more complete than I had imagined. Amazingly, even the waterfall has changed course. Read the description of this hike and look at the photos from 2012, then compare to the present day photos.

Tessa and I went as far as the forks at 3K, and not wanting to retrace my steps, we struggled up the drainage towards Ship’s Prow for about 300 metres, climbed a very steep bank, and returned through the forest high above the creek.

We started the hike on the extreme eastern trailhead of the Highline trail at Hubman Landing in Canmore.

Click for larger image

Click for larger image

An opportunity for Masters Skiers(35+ yrs)

Dasha Gaiazova, recently retired from the Canadian National Ski Team, is offering a ski camp at the Haig Glacier this summer. This is a fantastic opportunity as the Haig camp is usually booked solid with no opportunities for adults. Ivan Babikov and Gaiazova will provide advice and coaching, while Graham MacLean will be there for waxing advice. The space is limited to 10 participants only. For more information, click on the poster to the right, or contact Dasha Gaiazoa

Also, SkiTrax has an article Ski this summer at Haig Glacier with Dasha and Ivan

More photos from Three Sisters Creek hike…

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