Examples of multi-use trails

These trails at West Bragg Creek look like fun

West Bragg

West Bragg Creek: Fat-bike, dog, skier at Snowshoe Hare/East Telephone junction. Photo by Alf Skrastins

West Bragg2

West Bragg Creek: Ski trail, Fat-bike trail, snowshoe trail on East Telephone. Photo by Alf Skrastins

The snowfall amounts which were forecast for tonight have been downgraded somewhat. Hopefully we’ll receive enough to cover the pine needles. I’ve received less than a cm so far in Canmore. Update Nov 24 @ 9 a.m: I’ve received 7 cm of cold powdery snow with very light snow falling.

I came across this interesting Tweet from the West Yellowstone ski trails…

West Yellowstone

How about doing trip reports like this…

Rogers Pass – November 22nd weather update with Lane McMIllan

Posted by Sly Kulczynski on Sunday, November 22, 2015



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  1. I agree with GMJ. Just read the recent trail reports and you will see that about half mention people abusing the trails or dogs out of control. But nothing will happen if we don’t speak up. We need to tell Parks what needs to be done, and we need to educate people abusing the trails when we catch them. If we don’t speak up we are part of the problem. Based on what I have observed in other provinces abuse of the trails gets slowly worse, and is accepted as normal, until the trails are in such poor condition that track setting is seen as futile and they are lost for good. We are headed in that direction now. Speak up while we can still reverse this, or be prepared to give up skiing.

    • I think you paint a picture that is grimmer than the reality of the situation. Generally, my experience is that once a ways out from the trailhead, things get much better- the walkers thin out, snowshoers veer off into the woods and the bikers get on the right trail. As a skier who is frequently out with our dog, I make every effort to keep her away from the set tracks, and out of the way of skiers. As a perpetual 2 year old, our dog’s joy at being out is infectious, and I apologize for any small transgressions. While I find the track stomping pedestrians particularly galling, I don’t let them ruin my day. Unfortunately- I guess these “issues” come along with the amazingly successful rebirth of West Bragg as an all season, multiuse area, and if skiers can’t live with the occasional minor annoyances- there are plenty of other venues to suit.

      • No, Bill is right. The problem is slowly getting worse at most ski trails. Cleaning this up will take some effort on everyone’s part.

      • +1! As a skier with a happy dog and two small kids, it’s great to have a more accessible/casual experience at West Bragg. Sure, it’d be nice if the tracks were a little more intact, but there are other more serious venues for that and the obvious joy you see on the faces of the less hardcore crowd at West Bragg sure is contagious. A few kind words (no, not ‘track!’) to the many frontcountry novices, some better signage, and hopefully we can all continue to appreciate in our own ways the great work that the volunteers have done making West Bragg an increasingly popular destination. Besides, look at those pics and tell me that’s not good for your technique and character!

  2. Re. the nude ski report from Rogers Pass — it would be a bit more difficult to preserve some decency with only skinny skis for concealment! (but I am willing to try….)

  3. Last I skied at West Bragg the trails were post holed full of dog tracks. And now fat bikers, walkers, even Jeeps. Can’t there be a crackdown on the anti-track people? Education and little signs ain’t going to do the trick because it hasn’t.

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