Snowmageddon at Lake Louise

-Lots of new snow on Moraine Lake road at Lake Louise. Photo by Chuck O’Callaghan-

Thanks for the trip reports today! Be sure to click over and look at the rest of Chuck’s photos, they’re amazing. Correct me if I’m wrong, Chuck, but it appears the skate skiers were using the tracks because the snow wasn’t as deep as in the middle.

Tawny, who skied the Great Divide on Friday, was back today and reports “Easily 30 cm of snow since Friday.”

This should bode well for more trails to be groomed.

Did anyone take note of the snow depth around the Redearth creek area?

I’ve also heard through the grapevine that Yoho is getting this snow. A quick 10-minute storm blew through Canmore but there’s nothing to show for it. Rained most of the day.


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  1. Skaters destroying classic tracks is nothing new – and it’s very disrespectful.
    I have observed that it is done most of the time by “newbie” skaters that haven’t been around the sport for very long. I do take great exception to this and “tune in” these offenders when the occasion arises. There’s room on the trail for everybody, why be a jerk??

  2. @Bruce Just because it’s commonly done, doesn’t mean it should be especially on a trail that is wide enough for them to easily stay separate 🙁

    • I’m not saying it is right or wrong, I’m saying don’t let it ruin your day. From what I heard there was an incredible amount of snow that fell that wasn’t groomed. When I was there on Friday there were people hiking up to Moraine Lake, that is so much worse. I thought parks had no walking signs at the trailheads last year.

  3. A number of skate skiers destroyed the classic track all of the way to the end of Moraine Lake road…..SHAME ON THEM!!!!

    • I’m sure it will get groomed again. I’ve skied all over the world and it is pretty common for the two techniques to mix on the same exact place on the trail.

    • This is almost funny. I received an email a couple days ago, suggesting that “it might be useful to have a list of places where skating is planned for.” I’m going to get to work on that right away.

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