The aftermath

Looking out my front window at 45 cm

Looking out my front window at 45 cm

Can you imagine the variety of groomed trails we’ll have available for sking this weekend?

I’d like to go skiing on the freshly groomed trails at Canmore Nordic Centre today, but it will take me all day to shovel my way out after this incredible snowfall of 45 cm.

Check the Live Grooming Reports to see which trails have been worked on. So far, to 9:30 a.m, Banff trail and Bow trail have been groomed.

You can follow Tracksetter Jeff’s progress on the Kananaskis Village and Ribbon creek trails. He’s working on Terrace right now.

The temperatures are staying cold enough for the foreseeable future to preserve this amazing bounty of snow.

Just a reminder, if you’re thinking of entering the “Guess the Date” contest, this is the rule:

  • Contest closes on Nov 20 at 11:59 pm. All guesses must be in by that date. If tracksetting occurs before Nov 20, the contest will end on that day.


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  1. I went to Nakiska today with snowshoes. Incredible amount of snow…I went up Skogan Pass trail and was breaking trail almost the whole way, sinking in about 40 cm. Ehausting but beautiful and untouched. Stopped by Troll Falls on the way back which was just astounding. Should be excellent skiing after grooming.

  2. Well, here is the first non-official, second-hand trail report for Sandy McNabb! My beloved headed out today with Bob (the dog) to see what conditions were like at Sandy while I slaved away at my desk. Imagine my delight when he texted to say that in his excitement to slip on his skies he had realized he had forgotten something very important. That’s right! His skies!! Drove home, loaded skies, went back and reported the following. Conditions at Sandy are, well, marginal. In fairness, a new piece of equipment was spotted and some wonderful soul has been out there packing down some of the trails which is very promising for the months to come. With all the wonderful snow at PLPP and West Bragg is might be advisable to wait a snowfall or two before heading in our direction. Will keep you posted.

  3. Tracksetter Jeff was apparently out late last night grooming the 30+ cm of snow that fell on the WBC trails. And I just put new batteries in my headlamp.

  4. So here south of Calgary we got about 5 cm last night. Too bad Hawkridge has closed.

  5. Typical Alberta, the weather is never subtle! After last winter, it’s hard to complain about getting a big dump of snow to start things off. I commend you for your continuing commitment to keep fellow XC skiers and others informed, this has always been my go-to site for trail reports. Thanks Bob!

    • Skied first tracks at CNC early this morning on pretty solid new grooming at -7. Trackset only to the bottom of the night loop. Went to the very west end of the trail and back on the main Banff trail which was trackset. The staff was actively grooming and also continuing to make snow which I think is a very good call. Checked out the new warm up cabin in the meadow – amazing how the trees have grown since I started training and racing here in 1987.

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