Grooming activity resumes

PLPP grooming

PLPP grooming. Click for larger image

The state of the trails remains to be seen after the recent rain/snow event. Lots of grooming activity is occurring and I’ll be anxious to see the “texture” of the snow.

The map above shows the trails which were trackset in PLPP yesterday.

There’s a lot of green showing on the Canmore Nordic Centre’s Live Grooming report.

Moraine Lake road was trackset yesterday, and other trails are scheduled to be groomed before the weekend in Lake Louise.

I don’t know if Ribbon Creek received enough snow to be groomed. I hope we get a report later today.

It would be nice to see some Banff trails groomed.

West Bragg Creek grooming.

West Bragg Creek grooming.

All trails in West Bragg Creek except Telephone have been packed and will be trackset before the weekend.

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