A dog-friendly trail in Banff: Healy creek

Now that the temperatures in Banff are a little warmer, and the holiday crowds have dissipated, I felt it was time to check out Healy creek with my dog Tessa.

Jane and Robin on Healy creek

Jane and Robin on Healy creek

This was just a short out-and-back, but I ran into other skiers who had done the Brewster creek trail and Sundance Canyon. Those trails are also dog-friendly.

I always go with pretty low expectations for Healy creek, but I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was after two weeks of heavy use by skiers and multi-users. The tracks were washed out occasionally, but still pretty good. Some tree debris, mostly spruce cones, were on the trail but not enough to be annoying.

Evidence of the 2013 flood are very prominent along the beginning of Healy creek

Evidence of the 2013 flood is very prominent along the beginning of Healy creek

As in Helen’s report from a few days ago, be prepared to walk the first 150 metres. The new trail parallels the Sunshine road, and the snowplows throw a lot of dirty snow on the trail.

The air temperature at 3 pm was -7°C and the snow was -10.

Bob and Tessa on Healy creek

Bob and Tessa on Healy creek

Jane and Robin had skied from the Cave and Basin, and report the usual rough conditions on that trail. Sundance Canyon is prone to drifting and thousands of walkers.

The four skiers who were returning from Brewster creek reported good conditions all the way to Sundance Lodge. If you look at the photo, you’ll see they are all using wider skis, which I think is a wise choice, especially when descending the steep Brewster creek trail.

We have a winner!

Trish picks the winner's name in the Emerald Lake Lodge contest

Trish picks the winner’s name in the Emerald Lake Lodge contest

I’m pleased to announce that Denise Bouchard is the winner of the Emerald Lake Lodge contest.  Denise was pretty happy when she received my email: “Wouah! Yeah! I’m so happy! I can’t wait to go cross-country skiing there. I guessed the right date on your first contest but this prize is even better. Since I discovered your site, 3 years ago, I used it a lot.” I always feel like I’m the true winner because of all the fabulous comments I get to read, and wonderful photos which are submitted. Thank you to everyone for participating, and thanks to Emerald lake Lodge for the terrific prize. 

More photos from Healy creek…

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