Desperately hoping for 3 cm

Things are getting dicey when I’m praying that we get the 3 cm which are in the Snow Forecast, but I don’t think we’ve reached the point yet where I’m ready to post, as I did last year,  You know conditions are bad when…

3 cm is predicted overnight in PLPP and it would help cover some of the tree debris which skiers were referring to in their recent trip reports. Helen didn’t mention any pine needles from her Elk pass adventure today. Hydroline isn’t in the trees, so it should be good. Steve Riggs’ trip report has some valuable reconnaissance info.

Where to find good snow for skiing this weekend? Karen reported “a five-star ski at Mt Shark today” with very little tree debris.

The PLPP south trails should be okay, and the icy north trails would be improved if the snow materializes. Lake Louise is hanging in there. I don’t know how warm it got on Redearth creek today, so I hope someone will check it out tomorrow. It was very windy in Canmore today.

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I predict Lake O’Hara fire road will be a busy place on Saturday, as will Pipestone and the other Lake Louise trails.

We haven’t had a report or an update on the Yoho/Emerald lake trails, so I don’t know what to suggest there.

The World Cup biathlon is in full swing at the Canmore Nordic Centre, but activity dies down in the late afternoon and you can park there after 3 pm. Kate’s report from yesterday, however, was very descriptive when she said “classic trails are a needle-mania nightmare.”

If you’re coming to Canmore to watch the men’s and women’s mass start biathlon races tomorrow, this spectator guide will give you all the information about shuttle bus times and more.

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