Lake Louise update

Lake Louise Loppet (file photo)

Lake Louise Loppet (file photo)

I didn’t ski today(did a hike in Bow Valley Provincial Park with my dog until we got rained out).

With hundreds of skiers wondering what conditions are like for Sunday’s loppet, I’m happy to see we have a Trip Report from Lake Louise. Thanks to Barb for this…

MORAINE -Fairview
Started about 11am. Tried wax- but used skintecs. Work perfectly. Snowing from top of uphill around to end. Cooled to 0. Very Slow there. Many skiers with wax and frustration – 55, yellow, red – nothing worked.
Skintecs worked better lower down where closer to rain and on Fairview.
Could be tough tomorrow!

The loppet doesn’t take place on the Pipestone trails, but this report from Pete will still give you some idea of the conditions…

Skied at pipestone today with the family. Soggy conditions as temp was at +4 and a drizzle/snow mix coming down. Klister or waxless would have been best for the conditions but we had neither so no grip to speak of. Did the short loop with trails 20 and 21. Later went up to mlr so my wife could test her skintech skis she rented for the loppet tomorrow. Slightly less soggy conditions on mlr.
Hopefully the trails won’t be to icy for the loppet tomorrow.

According to this forecast from the Weather Network, it could snow a little before the race…

LL Weather

If you’re not confused yet, let’s keep trying. The Snow Forecast is calling for a low of -10 tonight and -3 at race time along with snow showers, but very little accumulation.

Can’t wait to see what it really was like.

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