Caption contest: You know it’s spring when…

...the ski trails simply disappear

…the ski trails simply disappear

What’s significant, as it pertains to spring skiing, about these photos? Add your caption in the comments. Some are obvious, like the girl skiing in a tank top, but I’ve given a few hints, and the photos are numbered 1 – 12. Photo #7 is a bit of a mystery, but I’m sure a few of you know what it is. Who knows which trail is pictured in the top photo?


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  1. You know that it is an unusual spring when on April 3 Lake Louise is showing some open water. I followed the breakup of Lake Louise in 2014 and recorded it as being between the dates May 20 and June 10.

  2. You know it is spring when you summer wax your skis and pump up the bicycle tires on the same day – like I did today. Mommy its over; until November. Everyone enjoy your spring, summer and fall.

  3. re. trail shown in photo.
    Is it Lakeside?

  4. You know it must be Spring when folks at Barrier Dam have to park on Highway 40 ’cause the lot is full.

  5. When I’m posting cycling conditions because I don’t want to say “goodbye'” to this blog -and skiing.
    Legacy in fine shape and likely be able to ski around whole Lake Minnewanka loop soon.
    And snow-forecast LL- snow Monday nite- Tuesday?.

  6. You know it’s spring when…
    Instead of skiing- I’d rather go mountain biking on dry trails wearing shorts and a tee shirt in Bowmont and Nose Hill parks, with wildflowers popping out everywhere. The crocus were very early this year, making their first appearance in early March!

    • I saw a crocus in the Bull Creek Hills on March 16 and a butterfly at Sandy Mcnabb yesterday. As well as green catkins on the aspens. Must be spring.

  7. Not part of your pictures but today not only was there hummingbird sized mosquitos but also Monarch butterflies out in Sibbald today. Spring is here to stay and the natural world knows it.

    • I saw a butterfly, too, today as I was hiking near Grotto pond with my dog, Tessa. Another sign of spring – I found a tick down my neck after getting home. All my clothes are in the wash and Tessa had a thorough combing.

  8. Home page photo: when you can’t find enough snow to stand up your Fishers in.
    1-you have the outhouse to yourself
    2-when you are looking out for a bear around each bend
    3-when you refuse to budge past Rode Violet
    4-when playing Scrabble on line with your sister is more fun
    5-when your last goal of the season is to find the hugging tree
    6-when you sneak a nap atop of Blueberry picnic table
    7-when you don’t care if you budge that last tree bomb
    8-when you take your skis off to walk up the big hill
    9-when you think you need a hip replacement coming down the big hill
    10-when you wish you still could wear sleeveless tops and have arm definition like that
    11-when you are skiing SO late in the day to meet up with Bob
    12-when you wish you hadn’t made a salmon sandwich
    13-when you cannot “BEAR” to end the season!
    With much gratitude to all my unique skierbob friends.

  9. *Ahem* That should say GMJ. Blew my cover…

  10. #3 When the wrong end of the thermometer is pointing at which wax you should be using.
    #5-When your coupon for a “Slush” at Co-op gets you a PLPP ski trail.
    #6 When the ski tracks at Elk Pass-Blueberry junction are not trampled by snowshoers
    Also, when there are crocuses blooming and juncos singing in +20 degree weather at Sandy Mcnabb, whence we skied once, and when bluebirds fly across the road on the way home

  11. Last one, I promise.

    #6, No sign of Chuckus Seasonialus which has moved to higher feeding grounds.

  12. Is it permissible to elaborate on #9?

    #9. Helen goes rocketing past another skier screaming “Looook Oooouuuut”, and the skier yells back, “Hey lady that’s one trail over”.

  13. Ursus arctos horribilus or Ursus americanos?

  14. Bob, I wasn’t going to take the bait, but it’s quiet here at work this afternoon.

    You Know It’s Spring when:

    1. When the pool repair van is the only vehicle in the lot.
    2. When Bob gets out his spray can of pheromones.
    3. When the Swix thermometer breaks.
    4. —
    5. When Bob’s pee stain from January finally shows through.
    6. The sunbathers hide when Bob gets his camera out
    7. –-
    8. MaSid’s couch finally gives way.
    9. When Helen screams “Look Out”
    10. When I’m 18 again.
    11. When the snow fleas stop Bob cold.
    12. When the Sasquatch leave their winter dens.

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