Confederation snowmaking update

This is from Kevin McLean, president of Foothills Nordic Ski Club:

Things are continuing to move along, slowly but surely. I think that Foothills has managed to submit their final proposal (hopefully the last of many iterations) to the City for their review.

So, nothing has been approved yet, but Foothills is waiting for equipment to arrive and for this warm spell to end.

There is at least one nearby resident who seems to be adamantly against the Foothills project in any form and has/will go to great lengths to stop it. This resident has frequented this website in the past so there is the concern that any additional information posted here would be taken by the individual and misused.


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  1. I’m incredulous as to how anyone could be passionately against the confederation park plan.

    A few points that come to mind:
    1. Not all calgarians have the money to visit the mountains
    2. As a society we are not only lacking in our fitness but also lacking in respect to having opportunities in the outdoors, including within the urban environment
    3. The park is used for golf; although it’s a wonderful relatively affordable venue, it could be argued that xc skiing is less dominated by affluent families/individuals. It just seems ludicrous to not allow snowmaking/skiing etc.

    I come from a generation that wants skateboard parks, ski areas, outdoor fitness parks etc. we know that recreation does not breed evil but rather it fosters healthier bodies, spirits and minds. I personally think this person that is adamantly opposed needs to be shown the benefits of this initiative. It is surprising to us all that anyone could be so concerned about this when we have so many relevant urban issues in Calgary such as air pollution. It’s incredible someone so sensitive hasn’t moved to the country so they can avoid being bothered by anyone or anything. When I first heard about this it sounded like a a theme for “this is that” on CBC because it’s just so silly.

  2. BANANA’s ! Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anyone.

    Shared to me by Jon M

  3. There will always be some opposition I suppose. But hard to argue the following:
    – year round use of public city recreation lands is effective and efficient from a municipal service perspective and good city policy generally
    – this adds value to the land to be used as such and substantially decreases the chance of those inefficiently used lands being used for something else (McCall lake golf course, highland, etc.)
    – it also makes for another well organized and effective public interest group in support of keeping it as recreation lands
    – add some dog walkers to the mix as another voice and unlikely to ever be used for non-recreational purposes.
    – adding skiing to the uses of the site (aside from all the positive benefits of such) is insignificant compared to losing it as public outdoor recreational land
    – feel free to share with city decision makers as it could help them either now as part of the pilot argument or for when they consider it more permanently.

    • Let’s not forget that some city’s, ours included, have recently been losing or should I say selling some of their golf course space to private developers. So if the city can increase the recreational utility of said space by increasing user base, then it makes sense to do so. Unless some of those against this extra utility would prefer to see it sold and some high density living spaces, increased traffic, McDonalds/Wendy’s/Starbuck/Timmies/etc… , plus other commercial businesses put in that space instead??

  4. The ‘progress’ on Shaganappi is similar in that we’re waiting for final City approval & the snowmaking equipment is either here or on its way. Calgary Ski Club is unaware of any objection from neighborhood residents to the Shaganappi project.

  5. Our lips are sealed.

    • Gord, sooner or later that person will find out that we’ll be tapping into their tap for our water supply -)

      • Henry don’t poke the bear. When they figure out we intend to breath the same city air, also pay taxes in this city, also use city public parks for less daily hours than all those golfers, get our youth focused on living healthy lifestyles (instead of hanging at various neighborhood areas smoking and doing no good), and instead of focusing on emptying other peoples buckets we try to work together for everyone’s health they may just poop themselves and make a big stink.

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