Ghost trails

-One of my all-time favourite trails and photos. Sadly, this section of trail is gone forever-

These photos should bring back a lot of memories of fabulous ski trips from days gone by. The floods of 2013 wiped out many trails and bridges and I’m sad to say, some of the best trails as you can see in these photos. How many of these “ghost” trails and bridges can you identify?

I’ve left comments with most of the photos indicating what happened and if it was rebuilt, re-routed, or gone forever.

Off the topic, RichieRich left a comment wondering “Can anyone offer any updates as to how the approval process is going for allowing snowmaking” at Confederation and Shaganappi golf courses. I’m sure he’s not the only one with that on his mind. I hope we can get some updates.

Can you name these “Ghost” trails and bridges?


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  1. Cover photo looks like the north part of the park, perhaps Ribbon Creek.

  2. So #8. Here’s my first guess.
    The junction with Healy Creek and Brewster Creek up to Sundance Lodge.

  3. cover photo – Ribbon Creek? -yes, the section beyond Link jct that ended at the bicycle rack.

  4. 14. Emerald connector near the natural bridge -yes

    We’re still trying to identify #8 and the main picture at the top of this post. -Bob

  5. Well, some challenges here!

    6. Evan Thomas Creek (Wedge Connector trail) -yes, replaced with this little bridge.

    9. Link trail from Ribbon Creek trail -yes

    15. Lost Horse Creek -yes

  6. 2- Spray Loop East -yes, it was replaced with this new bridge.
    7- Bill Milne -yes, the bridge over Evan-Thomas creek. It’s in a new location beside the highway.
    12- Goat Creek -yes, this bridge is at 4.3K along Goat Creek. Here’s what was left of the bridge after the flood..
    13- West End of Healy Creek Trail (AKA Brewster Creek?) -yes
    15- RedEarth Creek -You’ve got the trail correct, but what is the name of the creek which this bridge is at? It’s 6.9K along Redearth Creek trail.

  7. 3. Pocaterra -yes
    4. Goat Creek -this bridge is over the Spray river, where Goat Creek meets Spray River west. It’s 9K from Goat Creek trailhead. It was replaced with this bridge.
    5. Ribbon Creek -yes
    10. Cascade Valley, first bridge -yes
    11. West Bragg Creek as soon as you cross the first bridge out of the parking lot. -no

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