Guess the trail #3

If everything goes according to plan, we should see some grooming occur on Moraine Lake road tomorrow. From the sounds of Chuck’s Trip Report,there’s enough snow. See for yourself Chuck’s photos of Moraine Lake road.

Rather than playing this silly game, I might have an actual ski trail to report on!

As always, the photo at the top of this post is a no-brainer. I’ve left some hints on a few of the photos below. I think #9 will stump everyone.

Update: Now that all trails have been identified, I’ve labeled the photos with the trail’s name.


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  1. Ribbon Creek!!! Everybody is walking up and down the new Ribbon Creek trail. No idea why cause it’s my new fav. Trail for screamer hills.

    Diana figured out that #10 is Goat Creek. You’re gonna feel foolish and have a red face when you find out what #9 is. -Bob

    • Ooooooohhhhhhh, so is #9 on the new Ribbon Creek trail then? Yes!

      Looking at my records, that was the first trail we skied last year, on November 4th, and there wasn’t enough snow for those crazy downhill corners. We have yet to go back and try it again.

  2. Tyrwhitt????
    Is that the big tree by the Pik-Nik Table?? It’s not Tyrwhitt.

  3. Number 10:
    I have no idea from the picture why everyone is carrying their skis!! Could it be the Kananaskis Lookout North trail?

    • Or that scary corner on the Goat Creek trail before descending to the bridge?? Correct! When the trail has been scraped down to hardpack, even I carry my skis down. -Bob

      And who is this Bill guy with all the hints???

  4. Hints folks. Both 9 and 10 share the word “creek” in their names. Both are prone to somewhat sketchy snow conditions at times. Both offer great skiing, but timing is everything on these trails.

  5. 9. Tramline trailhead going to Lake Louise Village on the background. MLR track on the foreground.

    That’s a very “creative” guess and I can see your reasoning, but it’s wrong. -Bob

  6. Is #9 on the Elk Pass Trail where either Fox Creek or Boulton come in from the side?

    Nice try, but no.

  7. Guesses for number 10:
    Boom Lake
    Chester Lake
    The Big hill on Whiskey Jack

    The answer to all of the above is NO

    • One final guess. The big hill up to Shadow Lake Lodge from the end of Red Earth Creek. Most people walk it.

      You’re in the wrong park, and besides, Redearth creek’s tracksetting isn’t that good. The offshoot trail is 40 metres long and leads to a viewpoint. -Bob

      • Going by viewpoint, I’d have to say Skogan Pass, the final bit up to the true pass after the grooming often ends, at the top of the Skogan Loop.
        Otherwise, perhaps Sunburst lookout. Same trail.

  8. 9 looks like a view pt off of upper Brewster Creek.
    BUT the track setting is too good!! so i’m going skiing!

    I know the spot you’re thinking of on Brewster Creek, and it does look similar, but your astute observation negates that location. Now everyone knows this trail is groomed by a snowcat which should narrow it down. -Bob

  9. 1. Cascade Valley/Fire Road -correct. Can’t wait to see it in that condition!
    2. Lynx -already identified as Pocaterra
    3. Great Divide -correct
    5. Skogan Pass -Skogan loop, but close enough.
    6. Whiskey Jack -correct
    9. Mt Shark area? -no

    #9 and #10 still need to be identified as well as the photo at the top. -Bob

  10. 1. 1A/Great Divide –No. One of the photos is Great Divide, but not this one. Look for the dogsled track.
    8. New Bridge on Spray Loop -correct. Spray river east to be precise.

  11. 1.
    2. Pocaterra -correct. The old, unused trail is Stroil.
    3. Great Divide -correct
    4. Hector -correct(Pipestone trails)
    5. Skogan Pass -Skogan loop to be precise. You can see the Nakiska slopes.
    6. Elk Pass -no
    7. Brewster Creek -Healy creek to be precise, but I heard they were thinking of changing the name of this end of Healy Creek to Brewster Creek, so you could be right.

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