MLR: 5 cm new snow and groomed

Moraine Lake road Mon Nov 14. Photo by Lisa

Moraine Lake road Mon Nov 14. Photo by Lisa

Thank you to Lisa for this update:


We are a family of skiers from Ontario in Canmore for a 4 day long weekend. Hoping for snow from the forecast last night, we headed up To Lake Louise early this morning.

We were rewarded with 5 cm of snow on Moraine Lake road. The groomer went by several times while we were out which made the skating worthwhile. no track set.

Hope this helps others looking for some snow!

Nice to get some good news. There’s more snow in the forecast, along with below-freezing temperatures every day this week, so conditions should be much improved by the weekend. Forecasts of the exact amount of new snow are all over the map, but the most optimistic is Snow Forecast, predicting 19 cm by Thursday.

Geret Coyne at Grinders Ski Service in Canmore

Geret Coyne at Grinders Ski Service in Canmore

Yesterday I took my best skis to the Grinders here in Canmore to be stone-ground. I’ve been using these skis for four years, and while they’re still pretty fast, I want to keep them that way. When the temperatures are cold, I use very hard glide wax, which requires a lot of heat in the iron. The heat closes the pores in the base, and the skis won’t hold wax as well. Grinding restores the base so it will hold wax better, as well as making the base flat.

I’ve been waiting to make the draw for the Fischer skis contest because I like to get a neutral person who I meet on the ski trail to do the honours. Should be happening soon.

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