Moraine Lake road and Tramline

-Ray and Mary Perrott are two of this blog’s esteemed trip reporters. Thanks to Mary for today’s report.-

Mary, when describing conditions on Moraine Lake road, used the term “flying” and she was right.

600 metres to go. It was this young lady's first time on xc skis.

600 metres to go. It was this young lady’s first time on xc skis.

I don’t have much to add to her report other than to say it was nice to meet her and Ray on the trail, and if they were like me, and skied later in the day, they would have had beautiful new tracks to ski on Tramline to end the day.

Mireille from Quebec

Mireille from Quebec

MLR is still in great shape and tomorrow may have  3 cm of new snow which is supposed to fall tonight. It had started lightly snowing as I neared the end of the trail around 3:30 pm. I expect it will be groomed and trackset again before the weekend.

Upper Tramline is also in good shape with new tracks. Lower Tramline was groomed but not trackset.

I see the Snow Forecast for the weekend in PLPP is already down to 35 cm from the 49 they had predicted earlier.

One of our other esteemed trip reporters, Chuck, went skating on Lac Des Arcs today and sent in a nice photo which I’ll post in the gallery. I wonder if the Irish flag in the photo was planted by a guy named O’Callaghan?

Lake Louise to Banff Loppet

Special uniform for the Lake Louise to Banff loppet

Lake Louise to Banff Loppet

Registration for the loppet has been postponed one week. Originally scheduled for this Saturday, it is now on Sat Dec 10. Lots of changes to the course this year. An update has been posted and you can read all about it here Lake Louise to Banff Loppet


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  1. Dec 2, 2016 – Lake Moraine Road.
    Tracks are holding up reasonably well vis-a-vis significant traffic. A light dusting of snow made for slower than anticipated glide back – a good thing, as it transpires, because we skied the last few km in the dark! The day was unexpectedly wind free – totally worth the drive from Bragg Creek. Great first ski of the season.

  2. We had a lovely day visiting with friends on the Great Divide and after lunch we skied the lower Tramline from the Train Station to the upper Lake Louise Road and back to warm up after lunch. The trail was recently trackset, – clean and firm; only 1 set of ski tracks going up before us. Best tracks we’ve had yet this winter at LL.

  3. The snow is coming. I hope you get a huge dump.

    How about a ‘Ski all of the Kananaskis/Banff trails in a day’ expedition?

    Bob picks a perfect winter day and sends every one of his intrepid reporters, young and old, to all corners of his domain. Every trail, nook, and cranny are skied and photographed that day.

    It would be one heck of a trip report that I would look forward to reading immensely.

    • Your post reminds me of a the video you can watch on Youtube. The challenge is to ski all the trails in PLPP in one day. Notice the suffering at the end. Anyway great video.

      • Cool. Thanks for sharing that one Fallsalot. An enduro-geek’s wet dream -)
        That would have enticed my old Calgary buddies 30 years ago!

        I was thinking more along the lines that everyone participates, sort of like a Christmas bird count.
        You’d have skiers down on the low trails, and then the snow shoers, as well as Bob’s back country contributors up in the alpine. Full coverage.
        We’d get a sense, at the micro-level, of what ski and snow conditions were like for one fine winter’s day.

  4. Oh, and it was great to bump into the legend himself….. Skier Bob! His blog introduced me to the wealth of ski trails in the area when I first arrived here 4 years ago. So many trails skied and so many more to go!

  5. Agree….. MLR and Upper Tramline were in great shape today! Had an amazing ski with old friends and new friends from Canmore on the trails today. What a start to the season!

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