Rare sightings

I know it doesn’t compare with Chuck’s incredible sighting of two wolves chasing a deer across Moraine Lake road, but I was lucky enough to observe a short-tailed weasel on my deck today.

It was a magnificent little creature with black eyes and a black tip on its tail contrasting to the immaculate white winter coat. Remarkable to me was how long, skinny, and tiny it was. Of course it disappeared before I was able to take its picture but I found the above photo on the internet.

Now if only someone could spot the elusive “tracksetter” on Moraine Lake road!

I hope you’re reading all the interesting, eloquent, sometimes funny, comments which have come in as entries in the Fischer skis contest. How about this one from Zoey…

“My 4 year old has been skiing for two years, and has been asking for winter for weeks now. It will be his first year with real boots and bindings. He’s been skiing around hour house with tea towels under his skis.”

If you haven’t entered the Elk Pass contest, you’ve still got a few days to pick a date when you think we’ll see the first tracksetting there.

With Remembrance Day coming up, I was happy to see that Lifesport will be donating a portion of this weekend’s sale proceeds to the Veterans Food Bank.

Kicking Horse river trail in Yoho(file photo)

Kicking Horse river trail in Yoho

This would be a good time to remind everyone who enjoys skiing in Yoho and at Emerald Lake to make a donation or buy a $40 membership in the Kicking Horse Ski Club. KHSC in Field is responsible for the grooming of the ski trails including the alluvial fan, horse trail, Emerald Connector, Kicking Horse river, and Yoho Valley road. Having a ski club membership also lets you take advantage of the special mid-week rate at Emerald Lake Lodge. The population of Field is only 169 people, so they don’t have a big base to draw on for memberships.

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