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by Bob Truman on December 27, 2016

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Thanks for all the trip reports today. Nice to see the cougar and wolf tracks in Chuck’s photos. Chuck did an epic 36K yesterday and 29K today. After 24K on Goat Creek/Spray River yesterday, 3K was about all I could handle today.

Bill Milne trail

Bill Milne trail

We missed taking Tessa on her traditional Christmas eve ski this year because it was too cold that day for her, so today we went to Wedge Pond and skied out from there.

I'm not sure what made these tracks on the Wedge Connector

I’m not sure what made these tracks on the Wedge Connector

Our intention was to ski the Wedge Connector, but after the initial 400 metres on the Bill Milne trail, we saw some weird stuff on the Wedge Connector(see photo). Someone has taken what appears to be a large sled through the fresh snow on the trail. I didn’t see any ski tracks but there were snowshoe tracks. It didn’t look very inviting in any event so we just stayed on the Bill Milne trail and turned around before crossing the highway.

Bob and Tessa

Bob and Tessa

The Bill Milne trail was groomed on Dec 16 but has about 6-8 cm of new snow since then. We followed some pretty good skier-set tracks and had good grip with VR50(0/-4). The air temperature was -3°C. No hazards, just a few pine needles under the fresh snow which were exposed when people snowplowed over them.

The Dog-Age calculator indicates that Tessa in human years would be 72 years old. It’s hard to believe when I see how active, spry and full of energy she is. She seems to be aging much better then I am!

A record-setting day

A record-setting day

The Live Grooming Report for Ribbon Creek indicates some new grooming in the Kananaskis Village area today. Tracksetter Jeff has made some comments on the Groomer’s reports.

On Dec 26, 2016 we set a new record for visits to this blog in a single day with 9,851. I am certain that record will never be broken. Thanks for reading!

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1 Paolo Bressanin December 28, 2016 at 1:37 pm

Hi Bob:
Thank you so much for all the passionate work and the dedication to this awesome blog of yours, it is a blessing from the sky for all of us.
I’d like to know from you if the Bill Milne trail is ski able all the way to the Ribbon Creek parking lot and if there are hazards like rocks along the way.
Many thanks: Paolo


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