PLPP Grooming Update

Update Dec 30 @9:35 a.m: The Live Grooming Report has been fixed and now shows the trails which were groomed/trackset last night.

Update from Tracksetter Jody on Friday, Dec 30 @ 2:04 a.m:

Tracksetting on Hydroline in PLPP

Tracksetting on Hydroline in PLPP (file photo)

At this time the Live Grooming is not showing, and the manual overrides are not working either, so I am updating the grooming done on Thursday evening in PLPP. Close to 10cm’s of snow fell in the Elk Pass parking lot between 4PM and midnight, more at higher elevations, and it was still snowing lightly at midnight. It looked like 3 or 4 cm’s fell in the Pocaterra area, where it had stopped snowing and the stars were visible.

Tyrwhitt was wonderful

Tyrwhitt (file photo)

On Thursday evening, Elk Pass to the north Hydroline junction, Hydroline, Lookout, and Tyrwhitt were all groomed and trackset, though there are still a few missing pieces to the Tyrwhitt tracksetting due to areas of thin snow. Expect some amount of snow on top of all the grooming, and likely the tracks are blown in along with some drifting on Hydroline. Nice to finally have some good amounts of snow to push around. Happy Trails…

I only got about 1 cm of snow overnight in Canmore, but maybe the drought is finally over. The Snow Forecast shows 13-14 cm on Saturday-Sunday in PLPP and Ribbon Creek. The Weather Network predicts 5-10 cm. Calgary is in the hunt with 2-4 cm.

This photo was submitted by Finlay MacNeil as an entry in the Emerald Lake Lodge contest

This photo was submitted by Finlay MacNeil as an entry in the Emerald Lake Lodge contest

If you want to review conditions on various trails, the page to check is Trip Reports. Skiers who have actually been on the trail in the past day or two will have first-hand knowledge of the conditions. Thank you to everyone who has left a report.

The following two items have been changed on the Banff Trail Report. Now, it says that Castle Junction to Castle Lookout is groomed only.

Castle Junction to Castle Lookout has been trackset. 

Castle Lookout to Protection Mountain has been groomed.

Lots of tracksetting occurred in Yoho/Emerald Lake in the past two days including Takkakaw Falls road (aka Yoho Valley road and dogs are allowed), Kicking Horse River, Alluvial Fan, Emerald Horse trail.

Today is the final day to enter the Emerald Lake Lodge contest. You can submit a photo or a comment. If you have sent a photo before today, and it hasn’t shown up in the photo gallery, better send it again because I may have missed it.

Dasha Gaiazova from Space Dogs Ski Club has a few spaces available in the intermediate classes Jan 2 and Jan 5 for the Free Ski Lessons.

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