First tracksetting on Lower Pocaterra


It was late in coming this year, but Pocaterra from the hut to Lynx junction was trackset last night for the first time, along with a number of other trails in the vicinity of the hut including Lynx, Meadow, Woolley, and Rolly Road.

One last blast of extreme cold weather is with us this morning before the moderating begins. It’s -26 at SkiHere’s world headquarters in Canmore this morning. The expected high is -15.

It looks like the nicest weather for skiing today will be in West Bragg. The Weather Network is forecasting a high of -11 in Bragg Creek.  With the expected warm spell hitting Bragg Creek and Calgary in the coming week, it’s good that we have more skiing in the mountains where it will remain cooler.

Free Skiing on Sunday: Juniors and Children ski for FREE this Sunday January 15th (17 yrs & under) at Canmore Nordic Centre. It’s World Snow Day. Most of the natural snow trails at the CNC have been groomed and some trackset such as Meadowview, Banff, and Bow.

The Banff trail report indicates that Spray River West and Goat Creek were trackset on Jan 9. According to Helen’s trip report yesterday, it sounds like it snowed a few cm over any tracksetting.

Also in Banff, Cascade Valley, Upper Bankhead, Sundance Canyon and Healy Creek were trackset on Jan 10.

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