It is -28°C in Canmore this morning. With year-end and lots of other housekeeping tasks, it’s a good day to stay inside and get some of the tedious chores done. Here are a few things that you should know about…

Shaganappi Golf Course(from Alasdair Fergusson): 

“More fresh snow was packed, groomed and trackset on New Year’s Day afternoon before the ideal falling night temperature to help preserve and harden the great snow and set tracks overnight to benefit users and preserve from damage by pedestrians (unfortunately despite the signage) and of course any impending Chinooks bringing warm weather.

Unfortunately once again I have to mention the serious problem of so many cut ropes on sensitive areas such as golf greens and tee boxes and also safety issues such as bunkers at the base of 2 hills where without our CSC yellow ropes and orange flagging tape there is a danger for skiers not seeing the white on white lack of contrast, going airborne and crashing into the bunker.

With some snow in the forecast, I will try to get the trails packed, groomed and trackset in daylight Friday  ready for the weekend crowds.”

It's a rocky downhill to Goat Creek bridge

It’s a rocky downhill to Goat Creek bridge

Carolyn(Referring to a ski trip on Dec 30 before the recent snowfall):

“Just as I was heading out I met a fellow carrying a broken ski – he’d hit one of the rocks at the bottom by the Goat Creek bridge and it had snapped his ski.”

There’s a good reason for walking down that last 100 metres to the bridge. I saw at least a dozen rocks there yesterday.


“Had a great ski lesson with Space Dogs Ski Club (Dasha Gaiazova and Chris Butler) yesterday and really enjoyed it. I learned more in one hour than in the past few years of skiing!”


“Just got back from an awesome week of skiing with family and friends at Nipika.

Nipika still has a few openings for their Ski Week Jan 15-20.

PLPP Live Grooming Report shows that Boulton Creek was trackset yesterday, with the following remarks:

Boulton Creek was trackset, a thin snowpack is still a concern with natural hazards prevalent along the trail.”

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