The aftermath

Friday Feb 10 @ 8:20 a.m:

I ended up with 8 cm of new snow. That makes a total of 32 cm in Canmore over the past week. I see conflicting temperatures from the various weather stations. My thermometer reads -2°C, but the Canmore Nordic Centre shows +3 and the Weather network says 0. Ventusky is at -5. My thermometer usually agrees with the one at CNC.

Dig out the waxless skis, or at least equip yourself with some stickier wax.

The big concern is where will we find some fresh grooming. Thanks to the Banff Live Grooming Report(also known as Mandy Johnson), we know that Goat Creek and Spray River were groomed yesterday.

We can always count on fresh grooming at the Canmore Nordic Centre and indeed the Live Grooming map is showing a lot of green. The major trails have been groomed this morning and it looks like some of the secondary trails are being worked on.

Most of the Mt Shark trails were groomed last night. Check the Live Grooming Report for details.

In PLPP, the trails on the west side of the road including Lodgepole, Braille, Sinclair and Spruce road were done.

I expect all the grooming of the past few days on the Ribbon Creek trails will be covered with fresh snow. From the sound of Mary’s Skogan Pass trip report, there was significant snow coming down in mid-afternoon.

West Bragg Creek trails have been groomed. The Weather Network says it’s -10 there this morning, and Weather Underground says -5, but inevitably the warm weather is coming, so get out there ASAP.

Does anyone have information on the Lake O’Hara fire road? It was scheduled to be groomed yesterday.


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  1. Thanks to Jodie for his hard work last night and today! He was just finishing track setting trails out of Elkwood for the impaired vision group this morning at 11.00 having also spent all night setting the Mount Shark trails. Windy, snow bombs, new snow, pine needles, and -1, but a great day regardless!

    Latest News
    10 FEB
    The word of the week has been SNOW! Today dawned clear and much warmer than the previous week. This morning the trail in was groomed and trackset. The trail is in great shape.

  3. Anyone have info on Sandy McNabb?

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