Changes coming to West Bragg Creek

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Alberta Parks is upgrading West Bragg Creek Provincial Recreation Area. The parking lot will be expanded and trailhead amenities will be enhanced to address site issues. These upgrades are intended to reduce parking lot congestion and user conflict, create safe emergency access, improve the all-season trailhead experience for a variety of users, help the Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association and Parks staff maintain the trail system, and benefit local economic development.

The parking lot will be closed for a three day period March 29th to 31st.

Upgrades include:

  • Parking lot expansion and paving with a total capacity of 485 including:
    • 475 public parking stalls
    • Eight pull-through stalls in a separate equestrian parking area
    • Two designated bus stalls
    • Designated emergency lane
  • Perimeter trail for easy access to the surrounding trailheads
  • Enhanced trailhead amenities including:
    • Signage and kiosks
    • Benches
    • Designated meeting locations
    • Three washrooms (four vault toilet stalls/washroom)
    • Waste and recycling receptacles
    • Two 10×10 foot designated sites for event tents
  • Maintenance compound and addition of electrical power for trail equipment storage and servicing
  • Permanent location for the Trail Centre operated and funded by the Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association
  • Designated instruction area for skills training and small-scale event staging
  • No parking on the North side of the access road

Public Access and Construction

Construction is being staged as best as possible to allow continued access to the site. The majority of construction will occur between March 29th and June 30th prior to the peak summer months of July and August. The parking lot will be closed for a three day period March 29th to 31st. Remaining construction will be minimal and is expected to be completed in the fall.

Parking will be limited during construction to about 80-90 parking spots and there may be periodic closures. While efforts are being made to stage construction and allow for safe public parking and access, limited spots will be available. Please check out Alberta Parks Advisories for up to date information on construction.

  • Alberta Parks encourages trail users to explore other areas during the construction period. Kananaskis Country has over 1,550 kilometers of trails to hike, bike, or ride during the summer.
  • The West Bragg Creek trail system can also be accessed from alternative staging areas including Allen Bill Day Use and Fullerton Day Use in the Elbow Valley, along Highway 66.
  • Experienced downhill mountain bike riders are encouraged to explore the Moose Mountain Area accessed from Highway 66

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  1. It’s definitely not ski season at WBC anymore… but in case you are thinking of heading out there for a walk or mountain bike, please note that the parking lot continues to be closed through to April 6. Trees have been removed to start the parking lot expansion project, but the felled trees are still being cut up and hauled away this week.
    It’s best to access the south WBC trails via the new Fullerton Trailhead (opposite Allen Bill former pond), along highway #66.

  2. Thanks for the heads-up, I was not aware of the upgrades planned. This place will be even better than it’s now. Hopefully they will find a way to connect Hostel Loop with the Crystal Lines so one doesn’t have to take the skis off and walk across the parking lot.
    You should try WBC in the summer time on your bike, Bragging Rights and Long Distance trails are excellent.

    • Yes indeed, there will be a perimeter trail around the parking lot that will connect Hostel Loop, the Crystal Lines, Sundog and Mountain Road. Plus, the ski grooming equipment will all be stored on site.

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