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Update Sat @ 9:10 a.m: This was reported on Bow Valley Road Conditions Facebook page Sat at 9:04 a.m: “Complete whiteout between Scott Lake Hill and Morley area – trucks pulled over and cars in the ditch….”

Update Sat Mar 4 @ 7:10 a.m: I’ve received 2.5 cm of snow overnight in Canmore and it’s still snowing. Temperature is -4°C. In PLPP, the north end has 5 cm of new snow, probably more at the south end. Pocaterra, Lynx, Come-Along, and Rolly Road were trackset last night. I’ve also posted an update for West Bragg Creek on the Groomer’s Reports. The snow depth at the Mud Lake (near Chester Lake) weather station has increased by 21 cm since yesterday. Check the webcams for highway conditions in Banff and Lake Louise.

It appears from the trip reports that it’s snowing in Lake Louise, PLPP and Mt Shark. So far in Canmore just a few snowflakes which haven’t amounted to anything.

The forecast was predicting the most snow in Lake Louise and Banff and a snowfall warning is still in effect for those two areas. The groomers will be working hard on the Lake Louise loppet trails to get them ready for Sunday morning’s race. You can still enter the race on Sunday morning between 9:00 – 10:15.

Kovach picnic table at 10:00 pm. Photo by tracksetter Jeff.

Kovach picnic table at 10:00 pm. Photo by tracksetter Jeff.

There should be much better conditions for the loppet this year with the colder temperatures(-16°C on Sat night and -7 on Sunday). Last year was a waxing nightmare for racers with the warm temperatures and fresh falling snow.

As I write this at 8:40 pm, the Ribbon Creek trails are being groomed and Jeff is on Aspen right now. Check the Live Grooming Report later tonight to see what all was accomplished. If you check it now, you can follow his progress.

Update @ 10:00 pm: It’s snowing at Ribbon Creek. See comment below from Tracksetter Jeff. The Kovach picnic table has received an estimated 10 cm of new snow. 

If tradition holds true, some trails will be groomed tonight in PLPP.

Lake O’Hara fire road was trackset yesterday(Thursday) and light snow was reported falling all day today.

Nipika Mountain Resort trail report for Mar 3: Conditions are in amazing condition! We have a light dusting of new snow. Report from Steve is that its the best conditions we have had in March EVER! With more snow in forecast. We are hoping to have snow until APRIL!!! Everything set yesterday and beautiful temp, Ted wax says its blue kick wax weather!


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  1. Should the Louise area be good to go for a ski tomorrow? Or would there be a lot of preparing going on for Sunday?

    • If there’s a lot of fresh snow, they’ll be doing a lot of packing on Fairview, Upper Tramline, and Telemark, and possibly the first 1.6K of Moraine Lake road. They usually set tracks late in the evening. That leaves a lot of trails available for skiers on Saturday. Trails are open to the public at all times.

  2. Murphys Snow
    I came out tonight to flatten a few trails in preparation of a few cm of snow tomorrow. In fine Murphy form it has been snowing here for over 5 hours now. The wind is blowing but there is definitely accumulation happening. 5cm as I write this hopefully it completely buries all my work tonight. Either way it should be nice skiing tomorrow.

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