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The above photo was posted in the Castlegar, BC newspaper

Below are some outstanding, unique photos from this blog’s readers:

Chuck took these photos of the Lynx on Redearth Creek in Banff National Park

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I met Kevin and Dauminique Dowler on the Kananaskis Village trails on March 8. They sent this report and a couple neat photos of their encounter with a Spruce Grouse in PLPP a couple days later:

Kevin Dowler took this photo at the Amos – Wheeler junction.

Hello Bob,

It was cool to run into you on the Ribbon Creek trails this week. Dauminique and I had some great skiing this week. Here’s a pix of her while she was trying to get her camera out to get a pix of this grouse along the trail in PLPP Thursday.

It was at the junction of Amos and Wheeler nearest the Boulton Creek parking area. She was slowly standing up to see if we could get it on her shoulder when it lifted off and flew up into a tree. A second grouse was up higher in the same tree. They weren’t happy with each other being in the same area and had some calls to each other, then landed and had a squabble and flew off.The grouse was walking in the snow and made its way to the ski trail then snooped around us. When Dauminique was trying to get her camera out it jumped up on her back and perched there.

This elaborate snow couch near Elk Pass was constructed by MaSid. You can see how large it is by how small Helen looks.

The year of the Lynx…

It was definitely a good year for Lynx sightings. This was taken by Alf Skrastins near the Sawmill area in K-Country.

Happy Little Gnome by Mary Perrott

French Poodle by Mary Perrott

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  1. I love these!!! <3
    Thank you for posting them!

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