Alf still skiing

While I was out biking another section of the High Rockies trail today, Alf Skrastins was keeping his streak alive by skiing for the 189th consecutive month. It’s always interestingto see where he finds snow at this time of year. 

Photo by Alf Skrastins

Alf reports:

“Grizzly Col, June 23
It must be about time for another ski report!
After a short hike of less than 2 km, we were able to ski into Pocaterra Cirque and Grizzly Col. It was a cool +4C when we started and it only warmed to about 14C by afternoon. Skiing was actually pretty good, for June, with only a few soft spots here and there.

Only 3 months of marginal skiing left, before Frozen Thunder in October.”

You can see all of Alf’s photos from today’s trip.

Alf, being the modest guy he is, didn’t give these statistics until I emailed and asked him: 

“Todays ski brings my total for this ski season up to 143 ski days, 1905 km distance and 125,930 metres of elevation skied.”

The elevation number is overwhelming. I don’t keep track of elevation, but my estimate for myself would be about 25,000 metres this past season.

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