Spray River social club

The trails were busy today with friendly hikers, bikers, and backpackers. One of the best things I ever did was to quit racing and take my time to enjoy the scenery and the people who I meet on the trail. 

Backpackers returning from the campground. I can’t pass by a dog without stopping to pet it.

It might also have something to do with the fact that I just can’t go that fast anymore, even if I wanted to. The old adage is true, one door closes and another one opens. Racing was a lot of fun, but we evolve to a higher level as time goes on! 🙂

Heading up the hill from the Spray River bridge

In the winter, we can’t stop for too long to talk because we get cold. Today, you could have a leisurely conversation as long as you could find some shade. When I left Banff around 3 pm, the temperature was +28°C according to my car. That’s considered a scorcher in these parts. 

I started at Spray River west trailhead by the Banff Springs hotel and biked the 9.9K Spray River trail, then did a further 3.1K on Goat Creek. All the trails were in great shape. Any mud holes are easy to avoid. 

Lost and Found dept

If you found any of these items at the Goat Creek trailhead, let Sylvia know:

Lost today(Sunday June 25th) my bear spray and air horn held together by a carabiner in the parking lot of Goat Creek – could also be on the trail heading towards Goat Creek Trail then going left to High Rockies Trail. Pls email me if found oR leave a comment.. many thanks. Email: sakoyya3@icloud.com


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  1. Been reading some of your recent posts. I have been appreciating a more relaxed outdoor agenda as of late as the ankle recovery progresses. It’s been really enjoyable, smelling the roses a bit more as they say, chatting with folks on the trail, enjoying the sights and sounds without the threat of freezing to death. Did a hike through elk pass and down to elk lakes the other day. Haven’t done a trip in that area without skis for ages. Weird to see it post flood without the white blanket. Also hard not to wish it was ski season (is it wrong to be eager already?). Lots of glaciers lillies in the pass environment and still a few patches of snow here and there. Some evidence of large spring avalanches at fox lake and on the upper trail to elk lakes. Did a jaunt today to a set of alpine lakes in Kananaskis and got to watch an osprey fishing for a few hours. Such a wonderful thing. First time seeing that up close and personal. Dove into the lake 3 or 4 times. No fish in the talons. He fishes like I ski. Time for him to switch to waxable talons.

    • Hi MaSid! What were the trail conditions like over elk pass and in the elk lakes area? Heading in there this weekend probably through west elk pass and fox lake down to the lower lake. Thx!

      • Trail conditions are good to go. A bit wet in a few places. A couple patches of snow to step through, one large avalanche debri snow pile to climb over. Tried going up to frozen lake but the meadow just past the junction to fox lake is inundated with water and I wasn’t keen to bush wack around it with a wobbly ankle. Some bear sign along the trail on the way down to elk lakes and some diggings in one of the slide paths. Lots of glacier lillies.

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