Wildflower paradise

The flowers are in bloom on Pigeon mountain. I saw at least 20 species, some which I knew the names and some I didn’t. I even saw a pink Forget-me-not which I’ve posted below. I thought they only came in blue. 

Shooting stars

When I was about 3K along, I ran into Bob and Violet who were returning and assured me the flowers were spectacular. 

I was happy to get the update from Bob and Violet beause it’s not that easy to access these flowers, with a hike of 6k and an elevation gain of 600 metres.

Look closely. Two of these Forget-me-nots are pink

Starting from the trailhead at Dead Man’s Flats, I biked up the Skogan pass trail to 5K where it meets the trail up Pigeon mountain. I hiked a further 1K up the mountain and was rewarded with a magnificent carpet of wildflowers. 

I much prefer the bike on this trip because it only takes 12 minutes to get back down(5K) from the Pigeon/Skogan junction. It took me 57 minutes of moving time to ascend, with plenty of rest stops.

I don’t know the names of most of the flowers, so if someone would like to fill in the blanks, all the pictures are numbered.


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  1. #11 is tough without having a good book. Is this a type of groundsel, like senecio adonidifolius? Where’s Alf when you need him? (skiing!)

  2. Ooh, I like this game!
    I second all of Keith’s identifications.

    11 looks like a draba of some sort, but not certain of what. I’ll see if I can figure it out.
    13 is a Windflower / Cutleaf Anemone. this is the darkest pink version. They range from this to pure white, with many pink shades in between.
    14. Asters are hard. could be a Fleabane too. Very hard to identify without close images of all parts of the plant.
    15. Parry’s Townsendia is one of the few more clear ones because it sits on the ground.
    16. A nice field of forget-me-not, three-flowered aven, cinquefoil, and a couple shooting starts. Gorgeous spring mix.

    I have also occasionally seen Alpine Forget-me-not tinge quite pink:

  3. Hi Bob some I don’t know but I offer the following – needs confirmation
    4. yellow columbine
    5. cinquefoil (potentilla gracilius)
    6. silky phacelia (aka scorpion weed)
    7. umbrella plant (buckwheat family) cream coloured when fully out (also 24.)
    10. blue alpine forgetmenot (max 10 cm high) / white mouse eared chickweed
    15. townsedia (?)
    17 Jacob’s ladder
    18 three flowered avens (beautiful picture) also in 16.
    22. stickseed (blue) also 25.

  4. Great post Bob, the wild flower show sure was spectacular !! Your photos are excellent. It was sure nice meeting up with you on the summer trail.
    Cheers B & V

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