Redearth Creek avalanche aftermath

-This is the all new view of Pilot mountain which was created by the avalanche-

I blogged about the massive avalanche on Redearth Creek last winter which happened on March 16. Almost four months later,there’s still deep snow on the trail. 

Click for larger image

I biked to the warden’s cabin today, but the main attraction for me was having my first look at the incredible avalanche at Km 4.6. As the snow slid down from Pilot mountain, it destroyed everything in a 120-metre-wide swath. It’s opened up a magnificent new view of Pilot mountain which never existed previously. 

It’s obvious that someone created a path through the avalanche snow(but not right down to the trail bed), but as it continues to melt, more timber is surfacing and it took some effort to get my bike across the deadfall. 

Except for the avalanche area, the trail is in pretty nice shape for hiking and biking. I only encountered two small puddles which were easy to cross. 

The small bridge over Lost Horse creek has been dislodged from its moorings and is unusable. The larger bridge beside it is the only one which you can use now. Too bad, because it was much easier to ski over the small bridge. 

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