Summer holidays on Goat Creek and Spray River East

Families were out on the trail yesterday, getting an early start on the kids’ summer holidays. People from across the pond(the Atlantic pond, not Goat pond) were enjoying the majestic Rockies while on their vacations. 

Karen and John from England on Goat Creek

The best picture of the day was captured when I arrived at the Goat Creek bridge and observed Mike and Joe lounging on the banks of the babbling brook, with the magnificent sight of Rundle mountain in the distance, and the Canadian flag waving in the breeze. 

Goat Creek

John and Karen had traveled from England to see the sights in our back yard and bike from Banff to the Goat Creek trailhead. They were planning on taking the Legacy trail back to Banff. I hope they didn’t have to eat too much dust while descending the Spray Lakes road to Canmore. They probably got to see the herd of Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep which were on the road, including two cute little lambs. 

A family had stopped to eat lunch on Spray River East

I’m happy to say my bike is working much better after getting some repairs. It will now shift gears only when I want it to! I was pleased with the service I received at Bicycle Cafe, and even more pleased at the reasonable cost. I haven’t tried one yet, but I hear they serve some of the best lattes in Canmore.

I encountered a family on Spray River East who had stopped to eat their picnic lunch on the bank of the river. I am always thrilled to see parents and their kids enjoying the outdoors together. 

Walking through the “underpass” on Goat Creek

The fallen tree is still blocking the trail near the Goat Creek bridge, but as you can see in the photo, it’s a simple matter to dismount and walk your bike through the “underpass.”

The weather was beautiful but the mosquitoes were out and I came home with a lot of bites. 

Happy Canada Day!


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  1. Hi Bob, Took the new pup up Wasootch today, planned to get above tree line onto the ridge proper, the hot day took its toll and Jip started to fad just short so we retreated, a great effort by our 7mth husky pup, she was rewarded by a long soak in the creek, Meet Helen Read and party on the way down, my lucky was in, no snow bombs this time, haha, I was asked to point out Helen’s foot wear hence this post!

  2. It was a perfect day for summiting Ha Ling peak! Some Canadian livery was planted at the top and not even the usual howling gale.

  3. Paul and Nancy

    Enjoying your summer posts Bob. Nancy and I cycled from downtown Banff (so as not to get stuck on the other side of the Bow River) to the Goat Creek Parking Lot and back down to Banff yesterday. Really good conditions. Leading the Grumpy Bears Cycling Group there Tuesday.

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