The most fun ever on my bike

The High Rockies trail between Sawmill and Kent creek is a fantastic ride. In this video, I’m riding down to the Kent Creek trailhead. I took my eyes off what I was doing and crashed about 3 metres from the end, not seriously, but you can see the camera shake and see my phone fall on the ground. The final 15 seconds shows the trailhead at Kent Creek which is 3K from Pocaterra Hut on the Smith-Dorrien. 

I enjoy trails such as this one because they are free-flowing, somewhat challenging, not too technical, and not dangerous for sissy mountain bikers such as myself.

The net elevation gain from Kent Creek to the suspension bridge at 3.8K is 160 metres. The trail climbs another 70 metres to the high point, then downhill to Sawmill. One of the best features of this ride is that you can access the trail from a paved road.

I wrote a more detailed report on this section of trail on a previous update High Rockies trail part 4; Peninsula to Sawmill.

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