Moraine Lake road has snow

Jeannette skis in a packed track made by a truck tire on Moraine Lake road. You can see Chuck’s ski tracks to the left.  Photo by Chuck

Update Oct 26: Anna Elkins posted this update on Facebook… “I skied it on Tuesday and it was melting out fast. There is going to be a hazardous tree assessment on the road this week as well so likely more vehicles driving the road.”

Update Oct 24: Chuck wanted to let everyone know that with the warm weather, Moraine Lake road is no longer skiable. When the snow is not machine-packed, it disappears quickly, especially in the sun-exposed areas. 

Thanks to Chuck for the report and photos.

With all the fresh snow, Chuck suggests you may be able to make your own tracks tomorrow! Photo by Chuck

“Nice cold natural snow with the temperature sitting at minus 1 all day. Last night the MLR got about 20 cms of snow. Pole tips did not touch pavement due to an ice layer from previous days.”

You can see all Chuck’s photos of Moraine Lake road

The report and photos from Chuck indicate plenty of snow on Moraine Lake road at Lake Louise. The weather forecast shows daytime temperatures at Lake Louise in the single digits for the coming week. Each night has freezing temperatures, with Wednesday’s predicted low at -9°C.

Last year, Parks Canada didn’t start packing until Nov 14. There was snow on MLR well before that date. Here’s hoping they’ll start a little earlier this year. 

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