Recognize anyone?

Hugh, Cheryl, and Devon on Moraine Lake road in November 2016.

It won’t be long now, and almost as enjoyable as the early-season skiing is meeting people on the trail again and renewing acquaintances. The pictures here are from November 2016 on Moraine Lake road and the Great Divide. 

It’s all smiles from Dana and Karen after an early-season ski trip on Moraine Lake road

After the long, hot summer it’s refreshing to be skiing in the cool mountain air and chatting with everyone. I’ve even been known to come to a screeching halt on some fast downhills to stop and talk!

In the below photos I recognize Chuck, Diana, Ray(2 of them), Mary, Chip, Katrine, Ivo, John Patti, Helen, Lyle, Janice, Evelyn, Sylvia, Theresa, Frank, Andrew(groomer), Tanya(groomer), Mireille, Mark, Rob, Bruce, Karen, John, Eric, Judy, Anna, Shauna, Pam, Charlie, Jessica, Samantha, James, Bryan, Sibylla, Yvette, Pollie, Phil, Bob, Cynthia. 

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone next month!

Of course, if you’re a keener, and can’t wait for the snow to arrive at Lake Louise, Frozen Thunder at the Canmore Nordic Centre opens on Sat Oct 21 with 2K for those who want some early-early season skiing. 

Take note, there are two pages of photos below.

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