You know ski season is coming when….

“…You hit all the weather links on Bob’s blog searching for the most optimistic snow report.” -Jeff

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If the weather forecasts are correct, it appears we’ll be getting a significant snowfall over the next few days, with very cold temperatures.

I installed my winter tires today

The various forecasts show snowfall amounts all over the map. The four predictions I’ve seen for Lake Louise are 15, 18, 26, and 30 cm. 

The predictions for PLPP are 28, 36, 53, and 62 cm. Those forecasts are from

  • The Weather Network
  • Ventusky
  • Mountain Forecast
  • Snow Forecast(very optimistic)

The long-range forecast for Canmore shows temperatures should be ideal for snow-making for the next 14 days. 

Steve Riggs’ comment is a good reminder to get your backpack converted over from summer use to winter use. 

If you have a new pair of ski boots, plan on making your first trip a short one. Make sure they are a good fit and don’t give you blisters. 

Guess the trail

The picture below should get you in the mood. Do you know which trail it is? One of the forecasts(Ventusky) is predicting 34 cm for this trail by Friday.

What trail is this? (Click for larger image)


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  1. I see that the weather site ‘’ predicts overall about 8mm of water precipitation, so about 8cm of snow for the Canmore town site, and about similar at Mount Burstall (undetermined elevation).

  2. The joke from Rick Mercer can go both ways!

  3. Well, that sure looks like Evan Thomas Creek……… Bill Milne?

    • That was quick and easy. We had some wonderful skiing last year on the Bill Milne trail. Groomed by Tracksetter Jeff who is responsible for the comment at the top of this post.

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