Grooming Report from West Yellowstone: Dedicated to all snowcat operators

I was checking on conditions for the Yellowstone Ski Festival and stumbled across this report. I wouldn’t normally post a grooming report from West Yellowstone but this one is unusual:

No new snow, 23 F and partly cloudy. Most of the trails were groomed last might, single track and skate surface, fast fine grained snow. Some dirt starting to show under trees on the edges and some from gopher mounds pushed up late in the fall. Overall very good conditions for November.

A Note From the Groomer about why the trails aren’t as good as they could be this morning:

To the very special folks who skied last night: You must be special, and very selfish. The classic skiers who get to ski in the tracks you skated across while they were soft will really appreciate your efforts. The Biathletes who wanted to train on fresh groomed will be very happy with the ruts you put in the stadium. Because you were out there last night, none of the short connectors were groomed last night, I cannot safely back up in the dark with skiers present. Your narcissistic behavior shows no respect for what I am trying to do in the middle of the night and no respect for your fellow skiers. If this was a major event or World Cup your credentials would be pulled and you would be sent home.


The Yellowstone Ski Festival starts tomorrow and runs all week. 

Second coming? Crashed spaceship?

I also wouldn’t normally post photos from my brother’s blog but this one taken in Alberta’s Cypress Hills is incredible. By the way, there are groomed ski trails in the Cypress Hills. I posted about them a few years ago. 

Unusual light in Alberta’s Cypress Hills. Photo by Michael Truman

Michael made the following remarks about the above photo:

“Driving home from the Cypress Hills at dusk today I encountered a strange light to the west.  Hunters with powerful halogen lights?  The second coming?  Crashed spaceship? You just never know.  In any event…looks pretty cool!”

When visiting my brother last summer, we took a trip out to the Cypress Hills and I posted this A Peaceful, Unique Resting Place

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  1. SPECTRE – One of my favorite optical phenomenon; and least favorite NGOs.

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