Lots of new grooming in PLPP

Dig out the waxless skis! We’ve had a great start to the ski season, but inevitably we are confronted with warm weather which will complicate things.  The only sub-zero temperature I can find this morning is in Lake Louise at -1°C.

West Bragg Creek cellphone update

Cell tower being tested in West Bragg Creek. Photo by Dave Reddy

After seeing the photo of the cellphone tower in the WBC parking lot, Groomer Bill sent this clarification:

“Hi Bob,
We were just testing the viability of getting very localized cell reception in the WBC parking lot. There will still be a lot of work and costs before that happens! We (GBCTA) would like to see some type of communication system in the parking lot to make sure any emergencies can be communicated to the appropriate personal in a timely manor. All the work out there is 100% donor funded so if any of you lovely skiers, fat bikers and snowshoers have any spare cash please put a little in the Donation boxes or go to the GBCTA website and donate. We really appreciate it! We have been working really hard to get back to grooming. Hopefully we will be back up in a few days.
Groomer Bill”

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